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Jul 15, 2008 01:15 PM

How to Use Dulce de Leche

I spent my honeymoon in Argentina and brought back two jars of dulce de leche which I had come to love over the short time that I was there. While I would be perfectly content to sit in my apartment with a spoon and eat both jars, my waistline and my new husband probably wouldn't appreciate it.

So, how can I use this stuff to fullest effect? I would love to make something and serve it at various get togethers this summer, so I was thinking desserts and ice cream flavors? Does any one have a great recipe for alfajores?

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  1. Spread it between any two cookies, such as MarieLous
    As cake frosting
    Rick Bayless made a flan with dulce de leche (cajeta - the Mexican goat milk version) in place of the carmelized syrup. (Paella episode)

    I don't think you need to rush on using it. I bought a couple of jars of Argentine banana flavored dulce from a crash-n-dent shop, and used them well past the sell-by-date.

    It's not hard to find the equivalent in the US, either the version from Mexico, or condensed milk cans that have been caramelized at the factory.

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      In H.S. Spanish class in MO in the 1970s we made something similar using cans of condensed milk.

    2. Warmed and poured over crepes is my favorite. Very popular in Mexico.

      1. Antilope just posted an alfajores recipe here:

        and there's more Dulce de Leche discussion here from last year:

        HTH :)

        1. In Paraguay back in the early 1980s, is was used between layers of a cake, often with other fillings (like dulce de guayaba) between other layers of the same cake, particularly for birthdays.

          1. Try Banoffee (do a recipe search).....instead of using the condensed milk you can simplify it by using the Dulce de Leche. I made a similar type dessert recently, only I layered it in parfait glasses.