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Jul 15, 2008 01:07 PM

Lambeth Country Show

For about 35 years Lambeth Country Show has been one of South London's best kept secrets, thanks largely to Lambeth Council, which does very little to advertise it (at least it's now on their website, at


It's a huge event, and on again this weekend at Brockwell Park.

The Show brings the country to London, so there's plenty of farm animals, rare breeds, traction engines etc etc; it's also a huge bazaar where you can buy all sorts of exotic clothes, booze etc; there is live music, a big funfair and, probably my favourite aspect, lots of food stalls selling fish and chips, noodles, wholefood, etc. My personal favourites, however, are the Carribean food stalls - jerk chicken, ribs, mutton curry, vegetable curry, fishcakes etc. You can also get beer, but best of all is the draught cider - the Stowford Press and scrumpy (and others) are so unbelievably drinkable, but deceptively strong.

Bring your families and enjoy a great day out, and don't eat before you go. And don't drive there either.

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  1. I love the Lambeth Country Show - last year I bought the most amazing wheel of cheddar, and a copy of Larousse Gastronomique for less than a tenner! There's also a great fresh herb stall. My friends swear by the Chucklehead Cider, but I'm not keen myself. Another favourite is the sheep shearing, and of course, the owls!

    Unfortunately LU has excelled itself and the Victoria line is closed this weekend. You can get the bus from Stockwell though, or check out the overland to Herne Hill. Definitely don't drive as parking is suspended in all the surrounding streets (apart from ours, which means we will be inundated).

    Anyway, a great day out, as LB says.

    1. There's a pretty decent Jerk BBQ stand on the right hand side, half way back when facing the stage. Not sure if it will be in the same place this year (and there are quite a few Jerk stalls in that area).. anyway, this one is a basic white tent, and does decent portions of Jerk Chicken and Pork (recommended) accompanied by a firey Scotch Bonnet pepper sauce. Be careful though, as it's bloody hot!

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      1. re: foreignmuck

        I should be heading down there for the first time.

        Besides Caribbean, what other food stuffs might one find?

        1. re: Nii

          Apart from fish and chips, Caribbean is the only realy authentic food there, which is ideally suited to an occasion like the Country Show. There is, or are, stalls doing malaysian food, etc, but I shouldn't think it's a gastronomic experience.

          1. re: Lord Brazing

            but there is a lot of 'farmers market' type stuff.. Pies, sausage rolls, meat, cheese, veggies etc etc.. it's all good..

      2. Did anyone go?

        Had the Jerk Pork from the Tasty Jerk stand as usual, which was a winner as usual. Beautifully chargrilled and a lovely flavour. Makes a nice change from Jerk chicken and as its boneless, easier to eat.

        The sauce that it comes with is seriously hot - you need to be careful..

        They have several shops in south London which I might have to check out:

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        1. re: foreignmuck

          Yeah, I went along, I had Calypso chicken from a Creole stand

          Tasty Jerk is one of my favourite Jerk places in South London - the pork is so good! The Jerk lobster and tilapia they do around Easter is delicious. I know what you mean about the chilli sauce!

          Some of the stalls looked good - i wanted to get a pint of chucklehead cider but it'd sold out unfortunately.

        2. The original comment has been removed