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Jul 15, 2008 12:59 PM

Seattle Sushi and Bar Recs for solo diner

Hi - Coming to Seattle tomorrow through next tuesday by myself. Would like to have a great sushi dinner but not pricey. Also looking for a good bar to have a drink solo. A last request, looking for a good place to have a drink or dinner and listen to acoustic music/singer-songwriter stuff.
I'm staying near the convention center but will travel. Thanks!

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  1. Tsukushinbo has reasonably priced, good sushi. It's down in the International District. It's just a little family run operation. If you're looking for flashy this is not it. Lots of Japanese nationals go there for a taste of home.

    1. For sushi, I'd try Maneki! You usually need reservations to get a table in the dining room, but their bar is often empty...and they will serve their whole menu in there. Very nice, excellent food, and not too pricey. I also love Aoki on Broadway (in Capitol Hill), although I haven't been there in some time.

      1. You can kill two birds with one stone for sushi and cocktails by going to Nijo in post alley at happy hour, I've gone solo here a few times and sometimes they even have live music.

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          The map says Post Avenue, farther south towards all the design shops. How long has it been there, and what was there before? I'm trying to picture the space.

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            Rama on Post is what it was before Nijo.

        2. near the convention center you can get unusual cocktails at Vessel bar (5th and Union/university, opens at 4pm) then walk to Umi sake house on 1st ave for happy hour sushi/cooked food, maybe hitting Cascadia (get there early, can get crowded) a block north of Umi for a Douglas fir martini on your way. on the way back get a drink at Barolo (6th/7th and Virginia).

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            That's a great circle! I second barleywino's suggestions.

            For music, you can check out the schedule at the Musicquarium at The Triple Door:

            1. re: Lauren

              if you go to Triple Door, get the pear cocktail and ask them to put in a scoop of pear sorbet (like the scoop of Doug fir sorbet in the martini at Cascadia)...btw they have a surprisingly decent Triple Door fried rice iirc

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              Yep, agreed that Umi is probably the place to go for good but not too pricy sushi downtown. Nijo is horrible, avoid.

              1. re: terrier

                Not to get off topic, but I'd love to here your story about Nijo...I used to work in the building and loved it, I've only been back a few times since then, but I've always found it to be stellar. I will, however admit that I mostly stick to the happy hour menu, but fish has always been fresh, etc.

                1. re: dagoose

                  I've been a few times for happy hour and once for dinner. Every time I've been the fish has been of low quality (hot pink CO-treated tuna, etc) and the rice gluey and poorly seasoned. It's not the worst I've ever had, but for what they charge I'd rather be at Aoki.

                  Believe me, I want to like it since I live nearby - but I just can't.

                  My better half likes the lychee "martinis" at happy hour, though. So there's that going for it at least.

            3. Definitely go to Maneki and sit at the bar- there's usually no wait unlike the dining room. Best sushi in Seattle!
              I agree with the Triple Door suggestion for drinks/music. Plus there's that cool giant aquarium to mesmerize you.