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Jul 15, 2008 12:51 PM

Archway Frosted Lemon Cookies--what do they look like where you live?

I am seeking the Archway Frosted Lemon cookies of my midwestern childhood. When I was growing up in Indiana, these cookies were round with stripes of frosting drizzled all over them. They were VERY soft and cakey.

Nowadays in Boston and other places I've looked, they are square with scalloped edges and a solid coating of frosting in the center. They are a little harder and not nearly as delectable as the cookies of my youth. (Truthfully, I have very accurate taste memories :)

I know that Archway has regional bakeries and some variances throughout the country, so my question is: has anyone seen these striped cookies of yore? If so, will you please tell me where you live so I can move there very soon? Alternatively, has anyone seen any shapes other than the square-with-scalloped-edges? If so, I will seek those out in the hopes that they more closely resemble my beloved striped cookies.

By the way, does anyone else have a soft spot for Archway? I also love their Windmill cookies.

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  1. Haven't had them since I was a kid, but I remember them always being square with scalloped edges....I grew up in the southeast.

    1. i can't help you with the lemon, but the dutch cocoa cookies were my absolute favorite as a child.

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        Those were grad school crack. In the middle of winter with hot chocolate--we could go through a package of them easily.

        Oops just noticed how old this thread way. But the lemon ones are squares here in the DC area w/ scalloped edges. I've never had them but now am interested.

      2. I'm in Washington state, and here they are round, with a solid area of icing on top. They're dry-chewy and they're a guilty pleasure of mine, too. I also like the Archway oatmeal with apple center cookies.

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        1. re: Vetter

          When I lived in Seattle they were always the same way as Vetter said.... Super fragrant too...

        2. I see this is a pretty old message but I will still post. I was/am searching for place that sells Archway frosted lemon cookies and i stumbled over this message. recently a friend and I went to New Orlens to visit my family and we went to the Win Dixie grocery store to buy lunch items. She spotted these cookies in a red bag and I didn't pay much mind because I'm very particular about the kinds of cookies i eat. If they aren't oreos then they must be soft, not kinda soft, almost soft...SOFT! She insisted that i try her cookies but i refused and refused until she finally broke me...the first morsel got me hooked and we are back in north carolina with no place to find them! She is from Westchester, NY and she buys them there alllll the time, but if you would rather be down south, go to Louisiana to the Winndixie grocery store on Jefferson Hwy in Shrewsberry, they definitely have them and I know exaclty what cookie you're talking about...for some reason they looked like a large flower to me but maybe those square shapes with the scalloped edges just fooled me.

          1. dunno about the lemon cookies, but I always loved their molasses ones. Reminded me of those my grandmother made.

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              In the southern NH area they have been spotted at Hannafords

              1. re: waggiesgirl

                I'm in northeastern Indiana and Archway is no longer in business. I was in the grocery store several months ago and saw a sign that the company was going out of business. I was disappointed because I liked the Mexican Wedding Cookies they always put out at Christmas time. One year, I was friends with a rep and he brought me all the Wedding Cookies and sold them to me 1/2 price after Christmas. I had my favorite cookies (besides the Keebler Wedding Cookies that are no where to be found in this area) for about 6 months.

                1. re: alliedawn_98

                  I guess they are back in business again. I saw several types of Archway cookies back at Christmas and even bought a box of the wedding cookies. They weren't as good as the ones I made but were ok.