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Jul 15, 2008 12:45 PM


What DC restaurants have good, different (not your typical cosmo) cocktails? Thinking PS7, PX Lounge, Poste...that sort of thing. Thanks!

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  1. PS7 is my top choice for great drinks.

    I have also enjoyed the drinks at Degrees bar in the Ritz in Georgetown. Hudson has good drinks (if not a tad pricey...but most of these places are a little pricey unless its Happy Hour).

    1. PS7 and PX are my two favorites. If you want some appetizers too I would recommend the bar at Eve (so you can get great drinks and food).

      Also, Mie N Yu has some creative cocktails - I remember a mango one and a pineapple one were excellent the last time I was there.

      1. Rasika has really good cocktails. I just has a few when I went last week I forget which ones, but I really liked both. One had rose and some sort of sparkling wine maybe?

        Eat Bar in Arlington has great cocktails, their bartender just won an award for them, I forget which award though. Every single cocktail I have had there, I think I have had almost every one, is really good. And she will make something up just for you if you tell her what you like.

        Oya has some good cocktails I like their dark and stormy.

        PS7's lavender gimlet is really good.

        Liberty Tavern has a really good grapefruit cocktail someone just reminded me of.

        But I think Eat Bar and PX/Eve are the two best in the area. Nothing really compares to PX.

        1. Also in Arlington is the new Spider Kelley's restaurant and bar. Per their website they claim not to have a bar drink menu, instead letting their bartenders whip something to suit your tastes. I haven't been, but I am intrrigued...

          Eve is phenomenal. So creative and always delicious. Also, I like the cocktails at Co Co Sala. They're more dessert-ish than that of some other places, but I usually prefer to drink my dessert, so it suits me just fine!

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            That reminds me! The dessert list at Rasika had dessert cocktails I wish I would have seen because if I had seen them with the regular cocktails I would have ordered dessert first! But by the time I got there I was at my limit for the evening, so next time I will be asking for the dessert list cocktails because they looked good and I would like to try one.

          2. Don't overlook Tom Brown's creations at Cork, Adam's special cocktail menu Tuesdays at Bar Pilar, and Chantal's at the Tabard Inn (Wednesday and Thursdays?). I've also enjoyed creative cocktails at Citronelle Lounge, New Heights, and Nicaro.
            Gina Chersevani left Rasika and I think is at EatBar/Tallula now. Definitely worth checking out if you're in NoVa, although my absolute favorites are still Todd Thrasher's creations at PX, Eve and Majestic.