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Jul 15, 2008 12:43 PM

bkfast/lunch/dinner in montreal & quebec

I'll be visiting Montreal and Quebec City for a day or two, looking for some recommendations as to where to have breakfast/lunch/dinner!!! woohoo food galore...and yes dessert recommendation places are welcomed too. Not looking to spend ridiculous amounts of money though, up to $75pp for a really expensive dinner. I'm from NYC so I'm not looking for places it'll be like I never left NYC...rather I would enjoy local establishments & fun casual dining is best. Good tasting food is a must though (don't care about ambiance/decor, though cleanliness yes =).

Breakfast suggestions are much appreciated since that's the hardest thing to find on the boards.

Love seafood place recs, but I don't do raw.

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  1. I'm also looking for recommendations. I'll be staying at the Sofitel on Rue Sherbrooke Ouest and Rue Peel, walking to the Fairmont le Reine Elizabeth to catch a shuttle to the convention center for three days - coffee, breakfast, and lunch along this route would be especially appreciated.

    Dinner can be anywhere within a reasonable cab ride.


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      Replying to myself to share with others the amazing posts I found when researching this question. I cannot wait to come!

      Ultimate Montreal Experience:

      Inexpensive Places Not to Miss:

    2. If you want something that's unique to Montreal that will easily meet your budget and where you could probably still catch the crazy seafood platter in a fun an casual ambiance, Le Pied de Cochon is your only bet. Truly unique delicious food with friendly service. But be warned, portions a pretty bigs and it's a tribute to french cuisine with Québec ingredients so not so healthy but you only live once.

      As for breakfast, it might be a little out of the way for you but I truly enjoy Café Byblos. Iranian breakfast with a selection of original egg dishes (feta or dates omelettes) home made preserves, good hot chocolate and a selection of middle easter breads.

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        I caught the "crazy seafood platter" a few weeks ago. It was a disappointment of tough, overcooked seafood. Stick with what PDC does best -superbly !