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Jul 15, 2008 12:40 PM

Chinese food downtown delivery/takeout(Cgy)

I moved down by 17ave and 14st SW and am having some family over this weekend for Chinese food. Just wondering if anyone could recomend a good place that delivers or is close by for pick up. I've seen a few places around the neighborhood but am wondering if anyone knew which are the best ones in that part of town.


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  1. peking dragon, just up the road on 4th st, is pretty decent western-style chinese, if you don't want to venture too far.

    1. Hi neighbour! Welcome- I'm near 19th Ave and 14A in Bankview.

      Not really any "good" Chinese in the vicinity- in a pinch, King's on 17th and 9th (same strip as Midori) is pretty good "western" Chinese with ginger beef that's actually delicious, they do deliver and do fast take-out. I haven't been to the Ginger Beef takeout on 14th in so long that I can't say a thing about it and have never even stepped inside the Chinese takeout further north on 14th called Jerky King but have always been intrigued.

      If I want takeout and want to walk as short a distance as possible, I go for Oishii Village (which has pretty uneven sushi but some of their dishes are very good and good value too), Shawarma Knight, Sammy's, Co Do, Vogglio and 1410 Bier Haus (which has superb pizza along with Vogglio). For dinner takeout I find both Mt Everests and Moti Mahal too expensive though both have nice lunch buffets and good deals on lunch boxes that you can take home and feed two people with.

      I'm really looking forward to Green Chili opening soon. More Indian but hopefully more value than Moti Mahal.

      Places to avoid? I've only had bad luck with recent visits to Pho VK. Also, I bought a pity pizza slice at Pizza 17 where the snowboard store was on 17th (by Co Do) and it was horrible- soft, bready crust and insipid runny sort of cheese, it was the sort of pizza slice you'd get an airport bar or at a ballpark. So bad when there are superb pizzas across the street.

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        Thanks for the advice John,
        I'll have to try a few of those places out and remember to avoid those others.
        Where is that Green chilli place going to be located?

        1. re: CJL

          Where the Filipino store was, next to Chianti. Work on the facade looks done with big new windows and stucco cladding, and the interior is making progress too. I'd say a month from now.