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Jul 15, 2008 12:15 PM

GYROS in Orlando area???

Ever since my trip to Greece ive been dying for an amazing gyro.. it seems hard to find one over here.. ive had one at "House of Kabab" on Fairbanks in winter park which was sub-par, it didnt have enough meat and the $8.00 pricetag didnt feel worthy either (just the gyro!) ...

any good recomendations?

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  1. I had a very good gyro at Mediterranean Deli on Fairbanks, close to Edgewater. The guy running the place was really friendly, and it was cheap and very filling.

    Mediterranean Deli
    981 W. Fairbanks, Orlando

    1. my favorite is at the greek flame taverna on 436 near howell branch rd.

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        Cyrpiana is Casselberry has a good one.

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          Greek Flame is my favorite Greek restaurant in town (although I admit I haven't been to Taverna Opa or Mykonos in Longwood yet). They are a great place all around, and their gyros are amazing. You can tell they use real chunks of roasted lamb rather than the vaguely gyro-flavored, processed "bologna" slices some other places use.

        2. While I've never had the gyro at Mediterranean Deli, I put in my vote for either Greek Flame Taverna and Cypriani, mentioned below, which both have excellent gyros around $8 each. Both of the restaurants are sit-down, however, so you'll have to factor in a tip. I've also had excellent lamb shank (it was a special of the day at Greek Flame) at both restaurants served in au jus with lemon roasted potatoes.

          1. mmm thanks.... i want one soooooo bad right now...must go to gym

            1. I just had a gyro in the food court at Oviedo Marketplace Mall that was decent -- and around $5 if I remember correctly. I think the name of the place is Mediterranean Gourmet.