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Jul 15, 2008 11:49 AM

Two pints of currants: one red, one champagne, what should i do?

Yeah. My fruit csa yielded two pings of currants this week, fresh. One red and one champagne.
Any ideas?

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  1. No ideas for these? I see alot of recipes for jam/jelly that call for alot more currants than i have.

    1. Oh my gosh do you know how lucky you are! I have been trying to find red currants since May. I found out that their season begins in July though.
      I was going to make a danish pastry bread and fill the danish bread with red currants, brie and bacon. I have seen recipes for currant pie, I bet little currant tarts would be really good. How about red currant sorbet? Or I know I have seen savory dishes that use currants.
      Oh I am so jealous. I need to go get some Currants.

      1. This was the problem I had when I bought currants last summer. I made jam, but I found that a large amount of currants produced a tiny amount of jam. Hardly worth it. Even though it was good jam.