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Jul 15, 2008 11:17 AM

Any reviews on Capitol Event theatres?

Anyone have any thoughts, reviews about this venue?

Trying to find a wedding venue and its not easy!

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  1. I cannot even begin to express how pleased we were with the Capitol Event Theatre, where we held our May 2011 wedding. Everything about our wedding surpassed our expectations. Our guests were so impressed with the venue and loved the fun atmosphere. The huge bar and lounge area really set a fun tone and create a social setting unlike a standard wedding/banquet hall. The grandeur of the main room (with hardwood floors and a huge chandelier and stage) is classy and traditional, but with a modern vibe. We also loved that we could use the original marquee outside to put our own names and customized posters.

    We held both our ceremony and our reception at the Capitol, with a cocktail reception on the Mezzanine level in between.

    The meal was delicious, and we received such great feedback on all the various menu options (we started with a broccoli soup with goat cheese ravioli in it, and for the entrée, guests had an choice of chicken or braised short ribs – the nice thing was, they got to order their choice AT the venue, rather than having to make up their mind in advance via the RSVP. For dessert, we had crème brulée, and my Maid of Honour tells me it was the best dessert she ever had). We have heard nothing but raving reviews, even from the celiac vegetarians, who must have been a challenge for the chef. The food was still of top quality - my braised short ribs fell off the bone and practically melted in my mouth – and the presentation was also impressive. The late night snacks we chose were comfort foods – mini grilled cheese, sliders, and regular and sweet potato fries. Everyone enjoyed the meal so much that we heard many people say that were too full to enjoy the late night snacks. A good problem to have!

    But above all else, the service was the most notably impressive aspect of the day. The staff at the Capitol were so incredibly accommodating to any and every request we made. Upon our arrival, my Mom asked how difficult it would be for me to get a cup of tea to calm my nerves before the ceremony began. We were worried that we would be putting the staff out during a very busy time - but the staff were so eager to help, and delivered a hot cup of tea to the “Green Room” (bridal suite) faster than we could have imagined. They also ensured that the Green Room was well stocked with water, wine, and anything else the bridal party might have wanted. They servers kept asking us if there was *anything* we wanted. We truly felt like VIPs, all night long.

    During the dinner, the staff kept the napkins folded on the tables. And one thing that really impressed our guests – at each table, the plates were all laid by the servers at the exact same time. It felt like such a classy affair!

    The bar staff (who even concocted a yellow drink to match with our wedding colours) and serving staff were amazing - so personable, so accommodating, and of great spirits all night long. All this while maintaining top-notch professionalism and class. Our guests truly felt welcomed, and I believe that the friendliness of the staff significantly contributed to that.

    Leading up to the event, Carmelinda and Katelyn (a student I believe, who has since moved on) were both very pleasant to deal with, and quite organized. They really ensured that all our special requests were made. My only issue, which really had no impact on my day – was with the in-house A/V guys (Evolved Entertainment), who were slow to respond to emails and not overly helpful. We brought in our own DJ, but had to still pay $750 to use the Capitol’s audio system.

    We cannot stop talking about what a perfect day it was. We recognize what a unique and customized event it was, and don't believe that we could have achieved that same feeling at any other venue. We have not one single regret about our day. We will be very quick to recommend the Capitol to anyone looking to throw a big event.