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Jul 15, 2008 11:03 AM

Fun Bday restaurant thats also a bar/club scene?

Hey guys i was thinking of places like Falcon or Republic but was curious if there were better places out there thats also not as expensive? thanks.

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  1. Not sure what area you are interested in, but Rush Street just opened up in Culver City and the person I know who went there Saturday night said it was fun. They didn't eat, though, so they couldn't comment on the food. The club part is upstairs.

    1. Go to is also expensive but you will have a good time.

      1. I think the food at Republic is pretty marginal. An alternative right there on La Cienega is the Belmont. The food is both better and cheaper than Republic and you're right in the middle of all the La Cinega clubs. In Hollywood, Citizen Smith is good for birthdays, cheaper than Republic and the food is better. And you're within walking distance of a bunch of places if you want to bar hop.

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          i also recommend the belmont -- i have been to several birthday parties there where a group of about 10-15 have dinner there, and everyone comes afterwards to drink and spend the night at their bar. its always very fun.

          their french fries are delicious!

        2. Go to the Roosevelt and Dakota for dinner... res at Dakota gives an in to the club.

          There's a new restaurant/bar called The Kress in hollywood that I've yet to get to.

          SimonLA and Stone Rose at the Sofitel

          Boulevard3 and Social

          Second Citizen Smith and Beauty Bar.

          Goa is another restaurant/club option.

          1. Thanks for all the options!