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Jul 15, 2008 10:44 AM

Los Angeles Chowhound visiting "up north"

Help me please. I am traveling to the bay area and the wine country. Probably three nights in each place. With money not really a concern, please recommend the best dining for my visit.
Thanks in advance for you help. Cheers!

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  1. How about some particulars: What kind of food? Where are you staying? Etc. You haven't given us enough info to make recommendations...

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    1. re: emmaroseeats

      Hope this helps. Probably will stay in San Francisco at the W hotel. The wine country not sure, but will drive anywhere for a great meal. As for kinds of foods, we pretty much eat everything. We've been to the French Laundry and would rather try something else.

    2. There are three essential Bay Area restaurants that just don't have equivalents in SoCal: Zuni Cafe (if not for a dinner with the oysters, Ceasar salad, and roast chicken for two, stop in for lunch or latenight for their burger and ultrathin fries), Chez Panisse (if you don't want the more formal, set menu downstairs, try the upstairs cafe), and Tadich Grill (oldest restaurant in the West, oldtime waiters, no reservations, get the sand dabs or the petrale sole).

      1. Did you see the responses in the earlier topic you started with the same question?