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Jul 15, 2008 10:40 AM

Stampede Bison Grill

Just tried this brand-new place on Brock near Queen in Parkdale, in the old Rosie's dirty-bird fried chicken and grease spot. They've renovated it and are serving bison burgers, beef burgers, chicken and veg burgers, plus fries, poutine (with real curds), salads, etc.

I wasn't that hungry so I just had a takeout bison burger ($4.50) with old cheddar (95 cents) and grilled onions (50 cents) on top. The burger was good, cooked medium-rare which I was overjoyed about, I guess they must grind on-site. The meat could have used a little more salt. The bun was a nice brioche-style, with a good bread-to-meat ratio. Having the LCBO right next door was too tempting, so I got a tallboy of Tecate to accompany the burger whilst sitting at my desk. I am having a good day.

We've been waiting for a new work lunch spot around here, and I know my co-worker just bolted out the door to get a poutine when I told him they had curds, so I expect more reports will be forthcoming soon. They don't seem to be licensed for booze but they were saying they did just get their patio license and the furniture is being delivered today. And they're open until 3 am on Fridays and Saturdays, which should be useful for the Ossington and Wrongbar crowd.

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  1. While I truly appreciate any attempt to rehabilitate what may have been the ugliest building in Parkdale, I have my doubts about the wisdom of setting up shop in that location.

    Being right next to a busy LCBO, the patio is sure to feature a lot of 'street theatre'.

    That said, this place is so close to me that poutine as a takeout is an option. That and a medium rare burger mean's I'll have to give them a try now!

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    1. re: Pantz

      Tried this place yesterday. They are promising, but need to work out some kinks.

      First off, no air conditioning means that the interior is just brutally hot. You might as well be working the grill yourself.

      Another issue is ventilation. It didn't seem adequate and the whole place reeked of oil, like a Fish & Chip shop.

      I ordered the Bison burger with bacon and cheese and the poutine, which the menu board states has "real gravy and real curds".

      I get my order home and find the burger also has sautéed onions and mushrooms. Luckily, I like those items, so I dig in.

      I'm happy to say the burger is really good, cooked just a little under medium. Nice grilled flavour, nice texture, with that big bison flavour, almost uber beefy. Good ratio of burger to bun.

      Toppings are also good. However, if you are getting toppings you didn't order, I would recommend (not) ordering either mushrooms or onions. (Not) ordering both added a soggy factor to the bun.

      The poutine is really disappointing, only fit for the green bin. They get big points for using actual potatoes, but the fries are overcooked crisps and nearly, if not actually, burnt.

      There's an unpleasant bitter note in them, and I'm wondering about the freshness of the oil used. Or have they just burned enough fries that it's already bad?

      Gravy is a little bland and the cheese curds are as well, but with the bad fries, it's hard to say if they are just overwhelming everything else.

      To sum up, the burger is good and worth repeat visits. Fries…I'll try again and hope they master the Friolator. They were getting steady business around 8:30 on a Wednesday, so the LCBO traffic may work out for them.

    2. Intrigued by this new burger spot in Parkdale. I ordered the bison burger to go this afternoon. It was a real treat! The meat was juicy and flavourful. No hockey puck burgers here! Nice gourmet toppings and sauces too.

      A unique spin on burgers! Looking forward to the licensed patio. Menu seems to have good variety for a burger joint.

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      1. re: Señor Food Bag

        Welcome to Chowhound. What's your favourite burger in the city?

        1. re: Señor Food Bag

          only in Toronto for the summer (I'm from Buenos Aires), so I am not so familiar with T.O burger joints...I am definitely enjoying this bison burger, especially at 3am on the weekends...!

        2. Im with pantz on this one. There is a definate need to iron out the wrinkles. They messed up my order and served my order to someone else who ordered after me. so i had to wait whilst they remade a burger for her first. Duh. They recognized that there was a problem and offered complementary lemon juice and water, or "homemade lemonade"

          Bison burger was burnt and dry, poutine was vile due to the sludgey vegetable gravy, that tasted like burnt black bean sauce. Lemonade was too tart. I was underwhelmed, if thats a word.

          there is about 25 tables? and with four orders on the go, they screwed up. Its understandable as the girl behind the order desk couldnt take a phone call because they were "really busy". Oh and the bickering between staff that went on was entertaininger than the usual bum parade to the LCBO.

          I will wait a month and go back to try their beef burg and roast bison samitch and potentially good frites, au natural (as i deem them too thin for poutine). And see where they stand. I overheard that they may have delivery soon.....

          Oh and even on the second run through my order they forgot the pickles , dammit!

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          1. re: nipsyD

            Ha, yes, they were bickering like crazy when I was there too! Probably a good idea to wait a while. I'll be back soon though, as I am so sick of the lunch options around here. There is only so much sharwarma and pho that a guy can eat.

            1. re: childofthestorm

              Totally get you on the shawarma/pho thing. It's all I eat here (Asia 21 at King and Dufferin has great vermicelli though!)

              So I went to Stampede for a Bison burger today and it was great. Juicy and rich meat with a bun that does not overpower. Toppings are good but not too interesting. I was hoping for more nifty relishes/sauces a la Buddha Dog.

              It was too muggy today but that cute patio with the coloured Umbra chairs really brighten up that corner. Definitely hitting that when they get a license!

              1. re: childofthestorm

                In the hood, The Beaver does a wicked Lamb Burger. It seems to have survived a few menu iterations, so I'm not the only one that thinks so.

                BTW, do not order a burger from the Swan.

                1. re: Sui_Mai

                  I agree about that Lamb Burger at the Beaver. Went there last month for the first time in a year or so and I remember almost being shocked at how juicy and tasty it was when I took the first bite. Goes to show how hard it is to get a good burger is in this town. And the Beaver doesn't even have a kitchen, they just cook everything with steam nozzle on the espresso machine.

                  1. re: Pantz

                    cumbraes was making them for beaver for a while, pretty sure they still are.

            2. The original comment has been removed
              1. Went to Stampede tonight and it was awesome. Bison burger was excellent, service was friendly and fast, fresh squeezed lemonade yummy delicious. Sat outside on the fantastic patio (altho no license yet). Didn't try the fries or poutine. Will definitely become a new regular place for this Parkdalian.