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Anniversary Dinner Orlando

My husband and I will be celebrating our 5th anniversary in August and would like to have a great romantic dinner. We love to visit new and non-chain restaurants one of our favorites is The Ravenous Pig, but we want to try something different for our anniversary. We are looking for a romantic restaurant with a creative menu in or around Orlando.

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  1. Was just at RP on Saturday night, soooooooo yummy. Journey's might fit the bill, it's located in Longwood. They have the regular menu and a tasting menu.


    The Chef's Table in Ocoee is new also has some buzz recently.


    While not new, there are always lots of thumbs up for Primo (in the JW marriot) here on the boards.

    Cheers and Happy Anniversary.

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      The Chef's table is actually in downtown Winter Garden.


      Definitely a nice atmosphere and a lot less dough than V and A's. (I do like V and A's on those special occasions though...)

    2. not sure about the romantic part (maybe you could sitnext to the water or on the side in a bungalow thing) BUT.. I always enjoy Emerils Tchoup Chop at the royal pacific hotel...

      1. My wife & I make our annual pilgrimage to Orlando for our anniversary. We go to Victoria & Albert's at the Disney Grand Floridian. It's a beautiful setting with a harpist playing. The service is excellent and the menu always excellent (especially with the wine pairings). One caveat is that it is an expensive evening. But we think it is worth it!

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          I agree 100%. If you're looking to really celebrate and don't mind the $$, Victoria and Alberts is the way to go. I'm going there next Friday night, so excited. And the wine pairings are a must!!

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            Agreed 100%... my wife took me here for our 1st anniversary... there's NO way that I'm going to top that meal ANYWHERE in Florida, in my humble opinion. It was surreal, it was so good. Scott Hunnel's an amazing chef, and the whimsy in his attitude is belied in the food; to give you an idea, we had a amuse bouche that was lobster with a vanilla foam -- and before you go "There's no way that would work" (as I did when the server explained it) --- it did. Add that to exemplary service, a wonderfully Victorian proper setting and delightful wine pairings; you've got a meal fit for the king and queen in each of you. :-)

        2. My wife and I always love K Restaurant. If you want creative, call ahead and ask for Scott to do a multi-course tasting menu for you. If it's not a weekend, he'll probably do it. Just tell him what you want to spend, and he may be able to work some magic.

          1. Have you been to Seasons 52? My sister and her husband had dinner there on their 25th anniversary earlier this year in Orlando. They liked the atmosphere and the food is great- I've eaten at the Atlanta location and loved it.

            1. Thanks to all for these great recomendations. I think The Chef's Table sounds perfect and the price is right. I will follow up with a review after.

              1. California Grill at The top of the Contempoary. Great food, service and view the fireworks from Disney. I'd say that is pretty romantic! Make resos early!

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                  FYI for those traveling to the area (or locals wanting to grab a bite) in August and Sept wanting to hit the California Grill.....Disney has a dining promo with their dining plan in August and September. I called for end of August dinner reservations 2.5 months in advance, seating was not available for normal dining hours. (Only around 5:20 and after 10PM when I called. )

                  CG accepts reservations 6 months in advance and booked up early with the out of towners taking advantage of the dining plan specials. If you are thinking about going, call soon and be very flexible on your dining times!

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                    We have had luck getting there for an early dinner and getting seats at the bar. They also serve dinner there and the bartenders are great. Again, you must be patient, but it is worth it!

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                      We had our wedding reception at the California Grill. It was spectacular! We go back there almost every year.

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                        Yes this is a good hint, if you don't mind sitting at a counter ( I usually prefer it). I go often and almost never have a problem. It would also depend on you party size ( (I am usually a party of 2, so that makes it easier).

                  2. Love RP too but think we like Luma on Park Ave even better. Fantastic food and atmosphere.

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                      I work right on Park Ave and have never been to Luma. I think I need to check it out I have heard great things.

                    2. Tried the Chef's Table for the first time last night and it was terrific. I haven't been to many of the places recommended on this board, but it's hands down better than either of Emeril's two places in town, or Roy's. My wife asked if they would substitute different wines for the ones recommended for each dish, and they did so without hesitation. They gave her two choices, allowing her to try both, before selecting one. The mushroom/Gruyere torte appetizer was awesome, just a perfect way to start a meal, and the ribeye is in the top two or three best pieces of meat I've ever had.
                      Can I visit here on a regular basis? No. But for a special occasion, this is my first choice in the area.
                      The place doesn't look like much from the outside, but inside? It's really good.