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Jul 15, 2008 10:13 AM

Secret Ingredients 17 & 18 at KFC - Blech!!

Just when you thought the MSG in the KFC chicken was an issue.

What is wrong with some people?

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  1. 99 times out of 100, they would never have found out the cause of their illness. They were lucky to have had an employee drop a dime.

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    1. re: kirkj

      This doesn't sound like a hot McDonald's cup of coffee to anyone else?

      1. re: dolores

        Not really. Even though the woman with the hot coffee was badly injured, the argument against her was that a reasonable person would understand that coffee is hot and would act appropriately to protect herself. But food that's served by a restaurant is presumptively safe to eat -- otherwise no one could be expected to eat there. A reasonable person would not assume that an employee had urinated in his food and could not take reasonable steps to protect themselves from that illegal action.

    2. Wow, I read the story. KFC only fined $40K?? The employee only $100, and wasn't even fired for that???? That's vile, disgusting, and outrageous.

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      1. re: JackieChiles

        I was surprised at the 40K there a state law in place there.

        I can imagine some serious mental willing would you be to eat out again after something like that happened?

        Or, I didn't read the whole article..did they complain about something?

        1. re: sommrluv

          I'd never go back. They didn't complain, what happened was this guy was a police officer and apparently I guess some employees (or one anyway) had a "special service" for law enforcement officer. Now that's about as bad as I've heard in a long, long time.

          This didn't happen in the US (it happened in Australia), but nonetheless, I'm not sure if I want to ever go there again. Wow, I can't get over the story. Simply gross.

          1. re: JackieChiles

            From the article: Sidney is a town of about 6,000 in western Nebraska.

            Sydney is a much larger city in Australia.

              1. re: JackieChiles

                yes, wrong sid-sydney.

                in our sydney, urinating into food is a time-honoured tradition.

                at least that's what we tell the new zealanders.

                1. re: fooftales

                  I would think for the child, eating out would be a phobia though.

                  And who would disrespect a police officer like that? Is it me? I don't GET people anymore.

                  40k to see your child and family get so sick. And he had a gun handy and didn't shoot someone. He needs a plaque.

      2. There was a very similar case in Vermont a few years back also at KFC and involving a police officer.

        1. I'm surprised that the individual wasn't charged with something, or did I miss that. I guess in this case there is no charge for this? This is disturbing to me, I wonder what kind of mind thinks to do something like this, especially to the children. The child could of died, how utterly stupid stupid and whomever said it, vile and disgusting.
          The offender should not be allowed to work in the food industry ever again.

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          1. re: chef chicklet

            Easy to miss very briefly at the bottom of the article :

            "The employee accused of urinating and spitting in the Andrew family's food, Casey Diedrich, pleaded guilty last year to violating the Nebraska Pure Food Act and fined $100"

            Talk about a slap on the wrist.