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Jul 15, 2008 10:12 AM

Momofuku Ko Tonight -- Wine Pairings

Just got extremely lucky and was able to get a reservation for myself tonight at Momofuku Ko. Would the wine pairings be too much (would I be able to remember my dinner)? If I get the wine pairings, which price range is recommended? Thanks for your thoughts.

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  1. There are wine (sake and beer are also included) pairings for either $50, $100, or $150. We both chose the $50 one since we're not a huge wine connoisseur. I was feeling a bit buzzed towards the end of the meal. My boyfriend and I were also extremely full (almost unbearable) at the end of the meal. Have a great time!

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      I finally made it to Ko Tuesday night and did the $50 wine pairing, I was pretty impressed. I thought the Komekome sake was fantastic, and there was a sauvignon blanc that I loved but can't quite recall the name (something like Latitude?). I had a good buzz by the end of the meal, but definintely think it was the right way to go, really completed the meal.

    2. When i went i did not do the wine pairing. I ended up getting glasses of sake. Sometimes i feel that a buzz can numb the tongue in a way and next thing you know you aren't tasting the meal....I was pretty full when i left so i cant imagine a wine pairing in conjunction with all those courses! just my two cents :)

        1. I went recently and got the $85 pairing and wished that I had gotten the $50. The $50 looked more fun and the pours were really small anyway. If you're going to do it, go with the $50.

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            Word, my feelings as well.
            Also my 3 friends and I couldn't help but imagine the 2 bottle we would have got for 350 bucks instead.
            Or we could have skipped dinner and bought an old Volvo.

          2. Thanks for everyone's responses. I chose the $85 wine pairing once I heard that there was beer and 2 sakes on the $50 pairing. I don't much care for beer or sake. On the $85 pairing, there was no beer and only 1 sake. I was "buzzed" by the end of the night. I loved the meal, and could recall all of the different courses. Next time, I would order a half bottle, and drink what I want.