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Boston-area gazpacho

Where do you go for tasty summertime gazpacho?

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    1. The OtherSide Cafe has great gazpacho. I enjoy it with a glass of their yummy Sangria which comes in red or white and both are great.

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          Please, it's Strip T's, like the T-bone steak. The name is unfortunate enough without spelling it that way.

          But thanks for the tip, I will have to try it. I really like Strip T's but never have the soup there.

        2. the gazpacho at Stephanie's on Newbury is surprisingly good.

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            It is not always on the menu, but Eastern Standard makes a fine one.

          2. I eat cold soup almost everyday in the summer and gazpacho is one of my favorites. Yesterday I had a pineapple gazpacho at new england soup factory in Brookline. It was so good! A few weeks ago they nade a watermelon strawberry lychee gazpacho. They still taste like gazpacho but they taste fruitier. I also bought some cold yellow tomato and basil soup that my family devoured. They have 3 cold soups everyday.
            I have also had really good gazpacho at the ECG in Cambridge. You get a big bowl and it's chunky. I love it with their raw bar. Both restaurants make it spicy but it's so good.

            1. I really enjoy the gazpacho at Hi Rise Bakery in Cambridge. It's the chunky variety. I haven't had it this year yet though.

              1. we've had a watermelon gazpacho at The Butcher Shop last summer that was Really Good. we've been waiting to see if it's going to make an appearance on this summer's menu.

                1. When it' on the menu, the gazpacho at Upstairs on the Square is worth the visit in itself. The flavors are bright and intense, incrediblly fresh tasting, almost sweet but in a tomato way (not a sugar way).

                  1. Verrill Farms makes a perfect gazpacho (their red one, that is. they also have a green and yellow tomato version.)

                    Verrill Farm
                    11 Wheeler Rd, Concord, MA, MA 01742