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Jul 15, 2008 09:44 AM

Great Bar in Cobble Hill?

Hey there. Can anyone recommend a favorite bar in Cobble Hill? Either on/around Smith or Court. We're looking for a place like Waterfront Ale House, if you it. Great beer selection. Great bar food. Great vibe.

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  1. For a bar with a great beer selection, but no food, look to Bar Great Harry, formerly known as " The Bar" on Smith and Sackett.

    They do have DUB pies, which -rule- , but no food other than that.

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    1. re: Larry Brooks

      Bar Great Harry is fantastic - second the rec.

    2. Downtown Bar & Grill. Court Street near Amity Street. Excellent beer selection (beeradvocate gives it an A). Not as "happening" as some of the Smith Street bars, but a nice neighborhood place with great suds and good grub.

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      1. re: chezfredo

        The food is hit or miss. Yes the beer choice can't be topped. 500 beers?

        The french fries are the saltiest I've ever eaten anywhere in the world. And I LIKE salty fries. Burgers are inconsistent. And some of their more atypical menu choices just don't cut it.

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          It’s in Boerum Hill, but we like Brazen Head (Atlantic bet Court & Boerum) which is a short walk from most of the places mentioned. They don’t have a kitchen, but sometimes serve hot and cold hors d'oeuvres for happy hour. You can order in from the neighborhood if needed. There’s a backyard, a good crowd and an interesting beer selection.

          Also like Downtown Bar & Grill, but I find there service to be slow. Something like 700 beers (I didn't count but there's a lot on their beer menu) Decent bar food, nothing spectacular but it does the job.

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            Thanks all for the help. Looking forward to trying these places out.

            1. re: seanmlee

              Downtown does have a GREAT selection but I've never been fond of the crowd it draws. A very odd one. I recall old women screaming at football games on the screen w/ chopsticks (?) in their hair and wings. Maybe it should have been charming, it was just weird ;) Bar Great Henry is a great choice. Brazen Head can be very very packed w/ a college crowd on weekends, so dep when you go.

              Deity has a really great beer selection of unusual stuff, but very different vibe from what it sounds like you're looking for.

              Sample has a short list (half dozen or so) of well chosen beers on tap and great small plate bar food. Always a favorite local of ours.

              1. re: Nehna

                The screaming old women with wings thing is really quite a visual. On the beer bar subject, don't forget about Floyd (wrong side of Atlantic for Cobble Hill though). Usually a decent selection of beers, and you can bring in whatever food you like. Also, Chip Shop usually has a good selection of eclectic beers (UK and US) along with the English/Irish standards. Not strictly a bar, but they always have soccer (football) on the TVs if anyone is playing so it's got a bar vibe. Pretty good fish and chips too -- sometimes even very good, but the food can be a little inconsistent.

        2. If you're looking for all that, you might as well just walk the extra 5 minutes to Pete's. There's no other place that has the combination of quality food and suds. I haven't spent too much time there, but maybe give Ceol on Smith between Warren and Baltic a shot. Better vibe than the sports bars on Court, and they have a full menu.

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          1. re: bhill

            Bhill –

            Completely agree on Pete's - no question. We went to Ceol a few times and also liked it there. Nice bar and very comfortable back room. In the winter they had the fireplace going along with some Gaelic Musicians playing. They have a decent happy hour and the standard bar food is good for the area. Beer selection slips me, but it wasn’t bad. We also tried their Irish brunch, which I’m def. not an authority on, and it was OK. Wasn’t our first choice, but since every other place in the neighborhood had a 20 minute plus wait it made do in a pinch.

          2. BGH....Order from Zaytoon's or Cubana and enjoy the breeze with an excellent beer selection...

            1. Has anyone tried the Clover Club on Smith? Do they serve food?

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                Clover Club does serve food, I went a few weeks ago with 2 friends and we tried 5 or 6 dishes (all appetizer-sized) and were pretty impressed. They have a nice cocktail selection but I don't recall anything about beer inventory as that's what the OP is seeking.

                1. re: fishermb

                  Clover Club is cool but not at all the vibe the poster seems to be looking for. It's high end, like Diety -- fancy, creative cocktails and wine. I do believe they had a beer list but probably not what most would go there for. And they do have food....tasty deviled eggs in particular. Not pub food'ish though.