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Jul 15, 2008 09:36 AM

Grayz: Have you been?

Going to try Grayz for Restaurant Week and while I realize this may not be the best time to test, I wondered what the experience of other Chowhounders has been there. Food? Service? Ambiance? I'm interested to hear.

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  1. Me too, please. I am doing RW dinner there.

    1. Any updated feedback? I may be going tonight......

      1. Just back from RW lunch there. I thought it was very good. Tuna and hamachi tartare, cod with artichoke, fennel and saffron, then a chocolate dessert with passion-fruit sorbet. All first rate, and it's an easy walk-in...many empty tables, and completely empty bar seating.

        1. We just went for dinner last night. Overall impression.... B-/C+.
          I had told the reservationist when I called that I am vegetarian, and was told it was no problem. When I requested a vegetarian main course, since one was not listed on the restaurant week menu, the server told me there were no substitutions and I would have to pay full menu price for my entree. But upon asking at the front desk, she came back and informed me it was not a problem anymore. Okay then.
          First course- my mother and I both had the spaetzle and mache salad (minus bacon, for me). I enjoyed the tiny undressed salad far more than the overpowering spaetzle.
          Main course- I had vegetable ragout in yogurt sauce, which was pleasant but I thought better suited for the fall. My mother had the seared pike which she declared wonderful.
          Dessert- I had the chocolate dome with cherries and yogurt foam... eh. My mother's coffee toffee creme brulee disappeared very fast though.
          Our main server forgot one of the drinks until just before the mains arrived, and didn't come back to see how anything was, in an almost-empty room. The couple at the next table had a similar experience- 'Isn't she unpleasant?' said the woman next to me. We found all of the other service staff to be very polite and efficient.
          The music was kept at an uncomfortably loud level throughout.
          Upon paying the bill we each got a $25 coupon to be used for a future lunch visit, but we're not going back. Anyone want the coupons?
          (Edited to add that I think everyone gets the coupons, since they say 'Thank you for joining us for Restaurant Week.' I don't believe they were given to us because we had issues.)

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            Thanks for the feedback! I'm going for dinner on Friday and will also report back.

          2. Went for RW lunch yesterday. One of my favorite overall RW meals.

            First, they bring bread with yogurt for dipping. And they brought us a second helping without us asking. This may seem like a silly thing, but I am finding that more and more restaurants are penny pinching and charging for, or being skimpy with, some basic things. This was not the issue at all, at Grayz.

            Secondly, all of the portions were generous. This is also not always the case. In general - not just for restaurant week. Tuna tartare was wonderful and a very generous portion! My co-worker had the tomato coulis which she enjoyed (though, I did not try it).

            We all had the short rib croque-moisseur. can you not? It was not as cheesy/creamy as I had envisioned, but it was still delicious. Generous portion, plenty of beef with good flavor. The grit "french fries" were a nice side with a slightly sweet tamarind sauce. IT was a nice balance.

            For dessert, one mousse (amazingly sinful) and one watermelon granita with berries (completely delicious and refreshing).

            I had already decided to go back for a non-RW dinner when they brought us $25 lunch coupons. So, I will definitely hit them up again.

            It's an old-school feeling space. In fact, there were some "ladies who lunch" at the table next to us. But, I love that classic NY feeling! It was a nice afternoon.