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Jul 15, 2008 09:09 AM

Hot Sauce in the Fridge?

Does anybody keep their hot sauce, or Sriracha sauce in the refrigerator? I know restaurants keep it out, but they use it alot fast than I do.

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  1. Mine stay on the shelf above the stove. I would think the cold may dull the flavor?

    1. Once opened, I tend to keep all condiments like Sriracha, hoisin, sesame oil, Tapatio in the fridge. I just don't use them fast enough to keep them out. Don't know if I need to, but I do!

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      1. re: dkenworthy

        This is what I do too. Seems the logical thing to do, especially in the Summer.

      2. I have and have gone through a whack of hot sauces, none of which ever spent a moment in the fridge. Admittedly, I have seen the occassional bottle of hot sauce go bad, it was at the home of friends or family members who hadn't touched it in years. After that amount of time, I doubt the fridge would have saved it.

        1. with a current rotation of about 20 bottles of open hot sauces that I am using right now, I keep them in the fridge. right or wrong, thats what I do.

          1. Hot sauces do go bad. As I've been cutting down on putting hot sauce on every single thing, I find that I go through them much more slowly than I used to. A bottle of Sriracha I had turned in less than a year. It was still edible, but the color turned darker and the taste was off.

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            1. re: Miss Needle

              I find the fact that you were able to keep ONE single bottle of Sriracha for an entire year more astounding than the fact that the Sriracha actually turned.

              Once opened, I can barely keep a bottle of Sriracha around for more than 2 weeks.