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Hot Sauce in the Fridge?

Does anybody keep their hot sauce, or Sriracha sauce in the refrigerator? I know restaurants keep it out, but they use it alot fast than I do.

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  1. Mine stay on the shelf above the stove. I would think the cold may dull the flavor?

    1. Once opened, I tend to keep all condiments like Sriracha, hoisin, sesame oil, Tapatio in the fridge. I just don't use them fast enough to keep them out. Don't know if I need to, but I do!

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        This is what I do too. Seems the logical thing to do, especially in the Summer.

      2. I have and have gone through a whack of hot sauces, none of which ever spent a moment in the fridge. Admittedly, I have seen the occassional bottle of hot sauce go bad, it was at the home of friends or family members who hadn't touched it in years. After that amount of time, I doubt the fridge would have saved it.

        1. with a current rotation of about 20 bottles of open hot sauces that I am using right now, I keep them in the fridge. right or wrong, thats what I do.

          1. Hot sauces do go bad. As I've been cutting down on putting hot sauce on every single thing, I find that I go through them much more slowly than I used to. A bottle of Sriracha I had turned in less than a year. It was still edible, but the color turned darker and the taste was off.

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              I find the fact that you were able to keep ONE single bottle of Sriracha for an entire year more astounding than the fact that the Sriracha actually turned.

              Once opened, I can barely keep a bottle of Sriracha around for more than 2 weeks.

            2. I keep my current rotation of about 4-6 hot sauces in the fridge. I'm not sure if it needs to be in there but they are easier for me to grab from in the fridge.

              1. The ones I go through quickly - several varieties of Melinda's, for the most part - stay on the (unrefrigerated) shelf. Ones that I know I may not finish within a few months go in the fridge. I've had really old (> 3 years) hot sauces go off in color at which point I toss them even if they may still be edible.

                1. In my experience, hot, high vinegar sauces in small bottles don't need to be in the refrigerator. That includes Sriracha. I keep chunkier ones in the fridge.

                  Basically if a sauce or condiment has ever grown mold, I keep that type in the fridge. Ones that stay mold free for mths stay out. The cold doesn't stop mold from developing, but retards it.

                  1. Fridge here too. I live by myself and to get the best deals you have to usually need to buy the bigger bottle. I don't use enough to finish for a while and can't justify the spoilage but I want that stuff always on hand.

                    1. I'm not sure it matters a whole lot. Maybe it matters for some sauces and not for others. At home, I routinely keep opened bottles in the fridge, out of habit I suppose. But I always keep a bottle sitting on a shelf next to my desk at work and none have ever suffered any ill effects from going un-refridgerated.

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                        Exactly. My open bottles sit in the fridge, although occasionally when I have a space crunch I take them out, but I have a small container of sriracha that's been sitting in a drawer in my cubicle for months now.

                      2. Once opened, if there's any left we refrigerate.

                        1. I keep all sauces in the fridge, I could see where they'd be ok left out, but it's just how I was raised.

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                            once it's open, it goes in the fridge.
                            and now i'm raving sriracha.

                          2. I didn't, but I do now. It's not that they go bad, per se, but the color becomes less vibrant, and therefore less appetizing to me.

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                              Again, I think the type of sauce may have something to do with this. I have a bottle, now about 1/3 full, of Spice Exchange (that's the brand) Cayenne Pepper sauce that is still the same vibrant red/orange that it was the day I bought it. The only ingredients listed are cayenne peppers, vinegar, and salt.

                            2. I have a collection of around 20 sauces (I'm a regular customer at Peppers in Rehoboth Beach DE) so I keep them in the fridge, since each bottle usually sticks around for a couple of years.

                              Of course, our fridge will soon have nothing but milk and condiments in it.

                              1. Hoisin yes, but Sriracha, Tabasco, Sesame oil, catsup, mustard ... who wants 'em cold? I'm still alive and well.

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                                  Cold ketchup is real pet peeve of mine. I do put mustard in the fridge, though, once it's opened.
                                  I also can't see why vinegar-based sauces would benefit from refrigeration.

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                                    I keep ketchup in the fridge because I like cold ketchup, and not to avoid spoilage.

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                                      I like most of my condiments cold. Especially ketchup and mayo. Makes every sandwich better.