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Wolfgang Puck evicted on Sheppard at Yonge

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Really disappointing. Saw eviction notices the other day. Is that the end of it or is it still possible they could figure something out and open?

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  1. I seem to recall seeing a notice about him opening a restaurant around Avenue and Eglinton. I may be mistaken.

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    1. re: Kasumeat

      Signs have been up at the former 7 Numbers sight forever.
      There must be some good behind-the-scenes story about Puck's inability to open a resto here.

      I tried the one in Niagara Falls and, while not earth-shaking, it was a nice midrange place. I dunno what the problem is...

      1. re: fleisch

        I don't think this is Puck's doing — he sells the rights to the name.

      2. re: Kasumeat

        The Avenue/Eglinton restaurant is no more. I passed by yesterday and the signs were down.


      3. Last night I was having a beer on from friend's balcony and I just noticed the Wolfgang Puck restaurant. Mentioned how excited I was that a WP restaurant was opening just downstairs from their building. Now I'm so disappointed to hear about the eviction. Any further news concerning this?

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          Don't be disappointed. Be happy that you will not have an opportunity to waste your money. Several years ago we ate at WP in Oakville (QEW and Winston Churchill)... a complete waste of time. Food was mediocre and over-priced. He sells his name but that is no assurance of quality. Will never go near another one of these again.

          1. re: cynalan

            The Pucks in Niagara Falls is really good quality for a chain.

        2. The original comment has been removed