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What is "edge of eye steak" from freshdirect?

i wanted to buy the edge of eye steak that i usually get from fresh direct but when i asked the local butcher, he did not know what that was. Im hoping someone out there knows what its called, i dont think its a chuck fillet steak tho.
thank you,

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  1. A quick Web search shows that there is no such thing - or rather, no such thing outside of FreshDirect. It thus appears that they invented the term, and as such it means whatever they want it to mean. You'll have to ask them.

    1. According to FreshDirect, it's a part of the chuck steak. Look at FreshDirect's beef guide. Maybe you can print it out to show your butcher...

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        That is one of the best beef cut guides I have seen online; thanks!

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          The map is very cool! Thank you for posting. However, Edgeville is not mentioned! I guess it is a secret and special destination for the cow-noisseur. (TM) (ha ha!)

        2. I <think> it's a fancy way of saying Rib-Eye.
          But I could be wrong

          1. It's delicious. It has the marbelization of a Ribeye, but it's super inexpensive.

              1. I have some in the house right now. It 's tasty and thrifty. Sometimes it comes out tender, sometimes chewy. I'd love some pointers on how to get consistent results. It's definitely a nice option for the carnivore because even when it's a little on the tough side, I enjoy it.
                Still, I need to perfect my game. Thoughts?

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                  I like to cook my 1" edge of eye on my iron skillet. While I get the pan super hot I rub my steak with some gray sea salt and cracked malabar pepper. Then I lay the steak down and leave it there for 5 min EXACTLY, never touching the steak. DO NOT move or press down on the steak. Then I turn over the steak and cook it for 4-5 min depending on how rare I want it, I tend to like my steak rare so I do 4min but for well done I think I would never go past 6min. Also you MUST let the steak rest for 5-7min if you want a juicy tender steak because the juices distribute over the steak again. Don't worry your steak will not get cold, and it is an essential step to getting the perfect steak.

                  When cooking steak, remember that 1min of cooking time makes a huge difference. I have ruined many steaks before. So far this method has been working splendidly for rib eye, edge of eye, hanger, and skirt steak. Hope this helps :)

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                    Thank you - wow. I shall have to try that. So does this equal a total cooking time of 9-10 minutes? (I just wasn't sure whether laying the steak down means putting it in the pan.) Thanks again, *'sdiana