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Jul 15, 2008 08:39 AM

Street tamales in Midtown, 60th St.

This morning on 60th between Park & Lex, saw an older couple with a cooler full of tamales. Was too sleepy to automatically switch into Spanish (especially because my Spanish is so bad!) but I basically gathered that they would only be there for breakfast, only one day a week, and that would probably always be Tuesday. I walk the same way every day and I've never seen them there before, but I don't know if they're moving around or if they just started doing this. I had just bought a banana so I didn't want one yet, but kept thinking about it...ran back there around 11 and couldn't find any evidence they'd ever been there! Did anyone else catch them?

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    1. re: kcijones001

      I may need to start a list of Midtown street vendor hallucinations. (The first being an Indian woman selling food out of a shopping cart near the Apple Store--bought from her once and never saw her again). I still walk down the same block every day and have never seen them again. Even tried getting to work a little extra early on Tuesdays, since they told me Tuesday would be their "one day a week." Nothing. I wonder if they decided it wasn't worth it, or if they got chased away? It's too difficult to imagine which other block they could be selling from, out of all the possibilities...