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Jul 15, 2008 08:22 AM

Bourdain in KC

Anthony Bourdain is coming to town and we all know what he likes and doesn't- so if you got to take him out for a bite to eat in KC where would you take him?

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  1. When will he be in town, I think a drink at Gilhouly's at 39th and bell is right up his alley.
    It is where a good amount of chefs in K.C. hang out.

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    1. re: cochon

      well if hes gonna hit that up, id say he needs to hit D'Bronx before hand and get the Bell Street Bomb and a reuben. Love that place so much, i take everyone from outta town there, and of course he has to go to Oklahoma Joes. However, if its burgers he craves, theres none better than the Westport Flea Market with some tasty boulevard wheats and fried pickels as an appetizer

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      1. More than "what place," I'd like to know what the take on the city should be/will be. I can think of a couple -- "Kansas City, the town made of meat" or "Kansas City, cuisine at the crossroads." Either way, you'd start out at Bichelmeyers, with the mix of BBQ cuts, chorizo, and kielbasa. You should get BBQ, Mexican, Croatian, Italian, steaks. If a study of the rise and fall of the stockyards, you could get a walking tour of the West Bottoms, with a stop at Woodswether. If a study of the food intersections of rail and river, you could talk about the recent rise of local food suppliers and the rise and fall and rise of Kansas City breweries. I'd like to see his take on Boulevard Brewery, and the passion that inspired it. You could even expand the crossroads theme to talk about the Crossroads neighborhoods (hit Chris Elbow and Michael Smith and Grinders) or recent immigrations (the transition of Italian to Vietnamese in the Old Northeast).

        I don't think there is any one restaurant in KC that is going to rank with the best restaurants in the world, with the possible exception of a couple of BBQ meccas. But I do think there is a huge amount of food history in this town that is interesting to talk about.

        Just a few ideas.

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          1. re: heatherkay

            I'd be really interested to see what Chef Bourdain (does calling him Chef Bourdain make me sound too pretentious?) thinks of your ideas. BBQ is a must but shouldn't be the only thing. I think Grand Street Cafe would be a consideration.

            The Peanut should also be on that list. He needs some wings and bleu cheese sauce they make there.

            Grinders would definitely be cool. Great atmosphere and the pizza's good enough.

            1. re: kcbluelion

              Grinders...would you really take a native New Yorker to a pizza place here in town? At least he'd feel right at home w/ plenty of attitude and hipster pretentiousness...

              Bourdain is a pork lover. Take him to a BBQ joint for pork. All of you D'Bronx lovers, don't even bother getting your feelings hurt by taking him to this place.

              $55 bucks just to hear him speak is a bit steep. I'd like to think that it would be a great way to spend the evening, but have doubts. Considering, a guy like him shines after all the film from a shoot has been edited down to the essentials. Unfortunately, live speaking doesn't give 2nd chances for editing out the noise.

              1. re: aboyer

                well I agree with you that pork might be a way to his the chicharon at Bichelmeyers- but the rest of your poo pooing is disheartening. I'd like to think he can appreciate regional food for what it is.

                1. re: goroe

                  I would definitely not take him to d'Bronx. I'm a 35 years old, corporate, IT nerd. I have never been treated like a 35 years old, corporate, IT nerd at Grinders. The pizza's ok, but the art and atmosphere makes it better than most places.

                  He should get a burger from the Flea Market (or even the Corner Cocktails at 85th and Wornall - same meat and he can get a pitcher of Busch to wash down the cheese fries too).

                  Hereford House at 20th and Pershing.

                  1. re: kcbluelion

                    you just lost all credability when you said busch

                    1. re: kcbluelion

                      I could think of better steakhouses to take someone to than Hereford House. Jess & Jims, Golden Ox, Plaza III come to mind.

                      1. re: pollymerase

                        All of those are good. I don't like Plaza III. I think it's lost it's sheen. I couldn't remember if the Golden Ox was still open.

                        Jess and Jim's good. I hate the parking there though. Stroud's would have been a consideration before the tore down the one by BB's.

                        The other beer on tap at Corner Cocktails is Natural Light. My mother and the Pope are the only two people in this world above drinking cheap beer. Credibility is completely overrated.

                        1. re: kcbluelion

                          Glad someone else doesn't like Plaza III. It's a different thing now, but back in the day it was what I always thought of when reading Calvin Trillin's portrait of the archetypical pretentious hinterlands restaurant - "La Maison de la Casa House - Continental Cuisine."

                    2. re: goroe

                      Sorry to hurt your feelings, but NYC pizza is near and dear to my heart. To give you some perspective, the video here on Chowhound w/ Anthony from Una Pizza Napoletana is dead on how I feel about pizza. I never realized I had it so bad, until I tested the pizza waters of NYC. The pizza horse has been beaten to death on this board anyway. Luckily there are some folks bringing simple pie to the midwest. Before I wear out my soapbox, I'll just say that D'bRonx and Grinders are serving the same slices you can duck into any Times Square touristy corner pizza store and pickup, so I suppose you could call them NY Style and they serve their purpose...cheese, bread, tomatoes quick and cheap, but the same can be said about McDonalds or Wendy's.

                      The Pizza Snob

                      1. re: aboyer

                        My feelings aren't hurt Pizza Snob, i can agree with you to some extent. But the question was where in town to take the guy- I wasn't looking for a piss and moan about the lack of a slice you'd eat.

              2. How about sampling some of the local brew? Freestate and Boulevard...

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                1. re: amy_rc

                  That's a good idea. And not too far from the brewery are some pretty decent mexican restaurants. La Fonda is still really good. I've never eaten at La Bodega but I hear it's really good.

                  1. re: amy_rc

                    Ooooo, how about a bottle or two of Sixth Glass? Love that stuff!

                  2. I'd drive him to St. Louis. :D

                    Seriously, doesn't it have to be a bbq joint? I remember going to Bryant's once upon a time and falling in love with the burnt ends, yet I rarely see it mentioned on the boards. Is it closed/falling in quality/forgotten?

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                    1. re: Pylon

                      Went to Authur Bryant's a few months ago and had burnt ends - it looked like stringy brisket and tasted about the same. I even asked them if it was burnt ends and they said 'yes'. I wouldn't take anyone there.