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Jul 15, 2008 08:10 AM

Flying Saucer (KC)

My parents were in town visiting and my dad is big craft beer/homebrew type of guy so I knocked down two birds by taking them to the Flying Saucer Draught Emporium in Power and Light District on Sunday. I was unable to find many posts about the Flying Saucer so I thought I'd share my experience and open it up for discussion.

We got there at about 6ish on a Sunday night and they weren't terribly busy. The restaurant was about half full with a mix of people ranging from early 20 somethings drinking pints to older couples having dinner. The decor is pretty cool. The walls are covered with decorative/collector plates (I'm assuming because they look like saucers) and the ceiling is covered with disc golf frisbees. The bar is long and has a mammoth number of taps.

The beer menu is fantastic, of course, and is categorized by style. They have some nice beer flights consisting of 5, 5 oz draws for about 8 - 9 bucks. I think they have a german, local, international, hop head, and maybe a couple of more. On Sunday nights local draws (Boulevard, Flying Monkey from Olathe, and Schlafly from StL) are on sale for $2.75. Monday nights are pint night and almost all pints are $2.75.

Onto the food. The menu has brats and sausages, sandwiches, burgers, etc and some other fun stuff like pretzels. They also have a list of cheeses you can select from to make a cheese plate. I went with the reuben, my mom had a burger, and my dad stuck to beer. I found the food to be pretty bad. The burger was a preformed patty of an odd consistency that lacked much flavor. The reuben was your general, run of the mill type, that you find a lot of places. Several pieces of presliced corned beef pulled from the top of bin and slapped on some bread. The fries were standard food service issue and lukewarm, at best.

The beer was good.

The service started out kind of shaky. We gave our waitress our beer order the first time she came and gave her our food order about 5 minutes later. We got our 1st round after our food came out--kind of sad for place that specializes in beer. Our waitress picked it up after that, though, and was very attentive the rest of meal. My mom isn't a big beer drinker so she brought out a few samples of beers she thought she might like. It was clear she knew the giant beer menu pretty well.

Overall, I enjoyed the place as a bar and will probably be back to drink, but as a restaurant the food was pretty disappointing. I realize it's a chain, mostly focused on the beer, but I guess expected a bit more. Maybe I should have went for a brat, but I had grilled up some sausages from Werners for lunch and I have a hard time dropping $9 for a brat and a side in a restaurant when I can make 6 or 7 for that price at home.

I'm curious to hear about the experiences of others.

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  1. I took a group of 12 people there this past week and agree with much of what you wrote. We ordered some appetizers: the hot tots, the bratwurst nachos, the pretzel, and the artichoke spinach dip. All the apps were extremely average but were good enough for a hungry group who had been in meetings all day. The beer drinkers were very impressed with the beer menu so that may have have clouded some judgment.

    For dinner, a couple of us had the brat platter - I liked my brats, sauerkraut, and german potato salad - much better tasting than the appetizers. The couple of people who had the kick ass chicken sandwich were happy and the rest of the entrees were deemed just "okay." Really the food seems to be meant to soak up the beer.

    The service was not friendly or attentive - I had to go out and search for our server a couple of times - strange since we were a large group of drinkers.

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      The food is not only medicore but it sits in the window forever until someone decides to run it. Just watch the window and time it yourself. The management is also terrible. If you watch the managers you will see that most of the time they are standing around chit chatting or sitting at tables for thirty minutes at a time. I believe that when a restaurant is busy that the manager should work just as hard if not harder than the servers. Yes, they do have a great beer selection but I would rather go to the liquor store and build my own six pack than have to wait thirty minutes for a flat beer!