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Jul 15, 2008 07:43 AM

Urban Standard - Birmingham, AL

Any thoughts? I realize the menu changes often but any favorites on the menu?

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  1. I went there once soon after it opened and had the Super Foods Salad. It was fresh and good for a lunch spot. I have heard that their grill cheese and pimento cheese BLT are really good. I also read recently that they are now open at night, so I am not sure if they will have the same menu at lunch and dinner. I like the atmosphere, and I have some friends that work near it who love it and go several times a week. The plastic plates, cups, and forks really bothers me, but they do recycle them, so I guess that is better than nothing.

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      I really like their grilled cheese sandwich and the corn and black bean chili (although it needs a shot of Tabasco to acheive the proper level of spiciness).

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        What I don't like about it is the catch-as-can nature of their menu. Hit it on the wrong day and they may not have anything you want. Since they only have four basic sandwiches, I don't see why they can't been available every day. I liked what I had there (the black bean chili, and I agree, it was under-seasoned), and it's near to where I work, but I wouldn't include it on my list of regular places to eat weekday lunch It's a shame, because that's the very kind of place I like to support.
        By the way, here's a link to their daily menu:

      1. The grilled cheese is my go-to, and when it isn't available I look forward to the Standard Chicken Panino (quite garlicky but delicious). Personally, I'm not too impressed by the pimento cheese BLT. When it comes to the sides, I always choose the broccoli salad.

        Brunch is awesome. The egg scramble portion is quite generous, and the mini market sandwich rocks. And they usually have some creme fraiche for the scones (ask to have your scone warmed).

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        1. They've recently started a web site that lists their menu:

          1. I have eaten lunch there once. What I had was good, but I left feeling hungry. Spent $8 for lunch and it wasn't enough food. I don't require a lot of food to be full, so I think most people would be leaving hungry. When I eat at Chez Lulu, I leave hungry too, but it is good.