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Jul 15, 2008 07:41 AM

Bakery that makes cupcake cakes

I've been searching Google to see if I can find a bakery in the Baltimore Metro Area that makes cakes using cupcakes to form the shape, but have been unsuccessful. Sam's Club will do it, but only for the few 'corporate-approved' shapes (Elmo, umbrella, and graduation). I'm looking for a bakery that will make a cupcake cake in the shape of a large cupcake!

A little bit like this, but more professional looking:

Does anyone know of a bakery that will do such a thing? I'm thinking a family-owned bakery is my best bet, but those are difficult to find online...better to get recommendations word-of-mouth.

Hope you can help!

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    1. re: kolomya

      Actually, I meant Charm City Cakes.

      1. re: kolomya

        Thanks for the suggestion, but they are definitely too high end for me. This is a cake for a kid's party, so the $1000 minimum for a cake might be a tad high. ;-)YIKES!

    2. Maybe Charm City Cupcakes in charles st...

      1. There's a lot of cupcake controversy on this board, but the Baltimore Cupcake Company in Locust Point and Charm City CUPcakes (different from Duff's Charm City Cakes) and Cakelove are the three main cupcake places. It's quite likely that at least one of them would be able to make what you're looking for with enough notice.

        If you search the boards, you'll find plenty of recs for other bakeries in the Baltimore area.

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          I would recommend you try calling Charm City Cupcakes, located in Brown's Arcade on Charles Street. Although I'm on record (unless the series of posts were removed, which I think they were) as not being a fan of the name, considering the fame of Charm City Cakes, I think their cupcakes taste much, much better than either Baltimore Cupcake Company or Cake Love. (Heck, I actually think they taste much much better than Charm City Cakes cake!). Anyway, I used CCC last winter for a baby shower, and was pleased overall. They are a little disorganized and scattered (several miscommunications about quantity, pick up time, etc.) but the owner was a very sweet woman, and it was clear she wanted to provide good service. If you describe what you are looking for, I am sure they'd try to work with you to make it happen.

        2. Don't know where in Baltimore you are, but if it's a fairly basic design (and it sounds like it is), Faith N Me Baked Goods in Catonsville will do it. (410) 455-9866

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          1. re: lstormont

            Thank you! I will definitely check it out.

            1. re: dshah

              Perhaps you could also buy the cupcakes at a bakery, and a cupcake stand at a kitchen store, and assemble it yourself. ?

              1. re: chicken kabob

                Agree with the previous poster, your best bet is finding a cupcake place that you like and assembling it to your specs.

          2. Several years ago I went to Eddie's on Charles Street and had a cake made out of ice-cream cones. The cones were filled with cake and each one frosted in a different flavor, i.e., strawberry, chocolate, lemon, white, etc. with sprinkles and maraschino cherries. It was adorable. And, it was for an adult birthday party but would be perfect for a children's party as the cones are easily pulled off the cake and eaten like an icecream cone. FoiGras