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Jul 15, 2008 07:22 AM

Kurobuta Ham - Is it Better?

I've seen it at Metropolitan Market for a couple of years and some QFC's have started carrying it. Is it noticably better?

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  1. Kurobuta pork is so much better than regular supermarket cardboard pork that it's almost like a different animal and is the only form of pork loin that I'll buy now. I had Kurobuta ham only once, and while it was very good I didn't think it was any better than the ham I can mail order from a number of specialty providers such as Burgers or Harringtons.

    1. I definitely think Kurabota Ham is much better. We have had a large one at all family events for the last several years, and many have commented how much more flavorful and rich the ham is. One of the chowpups has taken to calling whichever grandma we are spending Christmas with and asking if she can bring her 'special ham' for dinner. With ham, you do need to be careful that it is not over salted during the cure.

      Unlike Flyfish, we had a poor experience with the loin. We picked one up after having a couple of hams and were expecting the same jump in taste and texture we got from the ham. It was good, but not worth the price IMO. Perhaps our expectations were unrealistic and tainted our experience.