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Jul 15, 2008 07:17 AM

4 days in NS!!...Yarrrrrrmouth ho!

Hi 'hounds! I'm so excited to finally get to come out to the east, my gf is from Yarmouth and we are flying in on August 15-19. We will be spending the first night (a Friday) in downtown Halifax, then after a trip to the market driving down the coast through Lunenburg (too bad, no time for Fleur de Sel this trip...) & to her hometown. I have done alot of research (much of it on these boards) but have some general questions about a few spots...In Halifax, dinner on the Friday night -- I narrowed a list of about 10 or so down to: Gio, Fid and Cut (grill menu looks like most fun), for this meal we would like oysters to be available but it's not imperative, we could always just grab a cocktail somewhere and have some too, most importantly we want a fun place. Local food focus is good, but basically the whole rest of the trip will be spent eating like that...Coming from Toronto and frequenting NYC there are plenty of uber-cool-hipster places to waste money, so we'd rather go somewhere with a notable chef and great food, not stuffy though, just not a trendy spot that puts the food second and just tries to impress with ambiance, etc...My choices might be all wrong, so any suggestions would be appreciated...also if there are any not to be missed experiences for the drive down I'd like to hear about them too.

PS: Any festivals or markets that will be on in the area(s) would be good tips too...

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  1. FID is still a very good bet in Halifax. You can always call to ask about oysters, but I agree, you can always get them elsewhere. I am sorry FDS in Lunenburg is not possible. Will you have time there at all?

    My daughter lives in Halifax and is very keen on Morris East. They do a really good job of catering to her gluten allergies (not everybody takes the time to listen!)

    Do visit Petes' Fruitique and the Farmers Market while in Hali.

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      Hi LJS, thanks for the response, we will be rolling through Lunenburg, as we meander down the coast over the course of the Saturday afternoon to Yarmouth, checking out Biscuit Eater and I have heard it is worth going to the dock where the Bluenose II is for fish and chips, I was going to buy lobster down there too but has a connection to get some from a pound further south...

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        Sounds like a plan-I don't know about the fish and chips dockside, but can heartily endorse The Biscuit Eater (Mahone Bay-say hi to Dawn and Alden from Lee) and, if you have time, a brew in The Knot Pub in Lunenburg itself.

        If you want something a little spiffier, but don't want FDS, try Trattoria della Nonna-NOT the pizza, its just OK,IMHO, but their pasta and main dishes are superb and the salads, imaginative.

        You can get lobster on the dock there (hand made sign-far end of harbour-near the supermarket which has lots of regional products-yes, you can trust the quality). And if you are looking for mussels (bit late now, but who knows?), be sure they are are Indian Point.

        And, now, I am just going to sit here at my hungy desk in TO and weep 'cause you get to be there and I don't...

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          ...thanks again LJS...I'll cheers an oyster for ya!

    2. .....and when you get to Yarmouth,
      Make reservations, a must, at Chez Christophe's in Grosses Coques.
      It's on the Acadian Shore about half-way between Yarmouth & Digby.
      You will not have a better meal or value during your trip with some fine Acadian music too if you schedule it right.


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          I checked their website and indeed they do, although my gf has a place in mind she has missed for years, rappie pie being a specialty...

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            The more appropriate question would be; "Are there many place on the Acadian Shore that don't serve Rappie Pie?". Chez Christophe's is as good as any of them for RP but my personal favorite is their Chicken Fricot. They have a rotating menu and you can call that day to find out what on for the night. I've never, ever had a less than terrific meal here and the service is unbelievable. It's like being invited into your favorite aunt's kitchen and and man can she cook!

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              Thanks for the tip Harp00n, I read off this post to Ang and it got her all excited...


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                Your welcome and before I forget, It's BYOB!
                That's a plus as far as I'm concerned and no corkage fees either.

                All the best,

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                  Very good to know!..much appreciated...