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Jul 15, 2008 07:16 AM

Northern Boston Suburbs

Going to be in one of the Northern suburbs for a few weeks. Would appreciate some advice as to which town offers the best dining, drinking and entertainment options so we don't have to sit in our hotel room. The places where we could stay include Andover, Burlington, Woburn etc. Thanks.

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  1. I'm thinking Burlington probably offers the most choices. There is Summer/Winter in the Burlington Marriot, owned by Clark and Mark of Arrows in Ogunquit fame. I've been and it's very good. There's also the new L'Andana. I've not been but it's owned by people who have some very highly-acclaimed restaraunts in downtown Boston. There's the Cafe Escadrille, which has been there for years. I've been once and was not crazy about it but it is loved by many. It seems like the type of place seniors would go to celebrate their anniversary.

    There is also a big mall in Burlington with a Legal Seafoods in it. In and around the mall you will find your chains -- Cheescake Factory, Chili's, Macaroni Grille, Melting Pot, Outback. There's also Paparazzi, which is a small local chain, but is really not bad at all.

    Not too far from Burlington, in Winchester there is a very good seafood restaraunt called "Catch".

    I'm sure I'm leaving places out. Yes, I think Burlington does offer the most choice.

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      Don't forget to visit Sushi Island in Wakefield or The Ginger Pad in Burlington for great sushi.