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Jul 15, 2008 07:11 AM

wedding locations and caterers

I am looking for an afforadable place in the Boston area to have an outdoor wedding and reception some time next year. Hoping to have 80-100 guests for a vegetarian reception. I'm considering both places that do catering and places where you need an outside caterer. Any advice on good locations and/or caterers in the boston area? Also, any thoughts on how much I should expect to spend on a caterer? We're are hoping to do a buffet plus cocktail hour with appetizers. Is it possible to get this for $30/head (not including alcohol)?


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  1. Congrats!

    I'm planning a wedding for October in Newport...the closer it gets the more I like the idea of City Hall and dinner for two at No. 9 Park...

    $30 is low pre-alcohol, also consider you have to pay tax and tip on top of that #...normally about 22% of total. This isn't appropriate for the Boston board but check out the Newport Yachting Center in Newport (if you're willing to stray from boston). We are having our rehersal dinner there and the woman in charge is very accomodating of budgets and I think she could do something very close to that. They work with a few different well known caterers, and food is supposed to be top notch.

    1. The Pierce House and Codman Farms, both in Lincoln, are beautiful places for outdoor weddings. No idea of the cost, but I suspect neither is exorbitant.

      1. Congratulations! We were married last year in an outdoor wedding and while planning was a lot of work, it was totally worth it. We used Tiger Lily Caterers( and our guests were impressed with not only the food (which was amazing!) but also the service. While we didn't have a vegitarian dinner, our guests who don't eat meat were very happy with the vegetarian option. I would also recommend which was our second choice and has experience with vegetarian events. Good luck with everything.

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          Congrats! I got married at the Codman Estate in Lincoln last year, and it was beautiful. The ceremony is held in a gorgeous hidden Italianate garden and the reception was tented at the The Carriage House.Prices are very reasonable- we only paid $1400 for the day and the tent was extra (about $1000). They say that you can only use approved vendors, but they had no problem with us using our own. We had catering by East Coast Grill and can't recommend the highly enough. Ours was a bit more per head, about $45, but we really went nuts with options (buffet, all made to order on huge grills- no sternos!) and had Cuban Mahi, pulled pork, short ribs, veg, salad and passed apps. They could definitely work with any budget. Alcohol we only paid about $600 total- 4 types of wine, beer and 2 mixed drinks (Rasp. Lime Rickeys and Dark and Stormys) for 100 people. Good luck!

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            We looked at the Codman Estimate, and really loved it. My only concern is what we'd do if it rained. There's not too much indoor space. But that garden is amazing, I'm sure your wedding was beautiful.

            Thanks for all the tips!

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            thanks for these suggestions everyone! we've contacted several of the caterers mentioned here, very helpful information.

          3. I can't help but ask, but you have 80-100 guests which are all vegetarians? Thats quite the feat!

            1. I just visited the Fruitlands Museum in Harvard, MA. The grounds are spectacular, and until Fall 2009 they have an outdoor tree sculpture exhibit that is stunning. There is a tea room on the property that functions as a caterer for weddings with indoor and outdoor seating, and the food seems decent, if not spectacular. I would imagine you could come in at around $30pp. Also, the general store in Harvard center sells a huge variety of M&Ms by the color - a great party favor possibility. (and they have Vermont Smoke & Cure bacon and sausages which are awesome)

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                (and they have Vermont Smoke & Cure bacon and sausages which are awesome)

                lol - perfect for vegetarians!