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Jul 15, 2008 07:10 AM

Chinese food in Northeast Philly

Hi I am looking for a chinese restaurant for takeout in the area of the Roosevelt Blvd near the military reserves HQ. Or around the Franklin Mills area. Thanks.

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  1. i have no expertise in that area, but menupages can help you (reviewers tend to be reliable):

    and here is the link for the chinese food options in the far northeast:

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    1. re: mazza3

      Our local fave, from decades back, but on a recent visit was still very good is on the corner of Red Lion and Veree. Darn, it's Schezuan something or other, but very inexpensive, quite consistent, and I'm sure their takeout would be fine, although I've never used takeout there.

      Franklin Mills tends to be a waste land as far as food is concerned.

      1. re: Bashful3

        Szechuan East, 744 Red Lion Road at Veree. Also our favorite for takeout in the Northeast. It's a little far from the military reserves HQ which, I believe is at the Blvd and Southampton.

    2. I like Jannie, behind the Roosevelt Mall.

      Where is military reserves located?

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      1. re: LaurCar

        I think she means the pennsylvania national guard armory at the BLVD and Byberry..

      2. I used to go to the chinese restaurant in the mall at the Blvd and red Lion Rd (southwest corner). I can't recall the name (if I ever knew) but they had the best dipping sauce with their dumplings!