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Jul 15, 2008 06:42 AM

Manhattan visit with 9-year-olds

My sister and I love great food. We will be visiting New York July 21-25. Our problem is that we are bringing our 9-year-old children for their first visit to New York. So, we really can't go to the fancier upscale restaurants we would normally go to as one of our kids is a pickier eater. So, I'm asking for recommendations for breakfast, lunch, and dinner that would be memorable for our kids and something they'll eat - yet, something that will satisfy our adult palates. Any suggestions? We're staying at the Hotel Edison. Thanks in advance!

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  1. I would think Ellen's Stardust Diner would be fun for your son.

    I would definitely go to Otto Ennoteca for simple Italian with a cool atmosphere.

    1. Alice's tea cup is great for brunch and the kids will love it. There is one located on 64th street which is close to central park. You can check it out @

      1. What a great 'problem' to have! When it comes to children, most restaurants have less of a problem with pickiness as they do with manners. If your children are well behaved, then pickiness shouldn't limit where you want to go as I've dined with the pickiest of adults whos requests are almost always honored.

        Because we dont know the nature of the pickiness, I'll recommend a few places that kids will love, and have a wide variety of menu options:
        1. The boathouse in Central Park overlooks the pond, and is a great place for breakfast, brunch or lunch.
        2. Shake shack in madison sqaure park has the best hamburgers in the city and sits in the middle of the park, (but try to go during off hours as the line can be long.)
        3. I agree with Otto - that would be a place for good food and fun.
        4. Take them to a classic NYC deli: you can't go wrong with Sarge's, Barney Greengrass, or Katz's, they all have a huge selection.
        5. Artisanal is a good 'grown-up' place for lunch or brunch with kids, they have plenty of options, and it's loud and bustling to keep them entertained. And while they have plenty of adventurous options for adults, they also have many kid friendly dishes - like fondue...

        Good luck.

        1. Just a warning on The Hotel Edison. It is a garmet district hotel and especially on Tuesday, do not attempt to get on an elevator between 8-9am when all of the retailers are heading out to market! Your hotel room is the size of a match box also in case you haven't been, but it is clean. The breakfast in the hotel is actually tasty even though the diner is not much to look at. The Stardust is a great suggestion but beware I ahve expereinced air condition outages there in the summer, which is a disaster. If the kids will eat Asian, Ruby Foos on Broadway has a kids menu which caters to picky children and even has a gummy worm in oreo "dirt" dessert. Its right near your hotel. Seredipity is a huge thrill with their frozen hot chocolate, but try to make reservations now. The Boat House in Central Park is great to watch the turtles swim in the lake and the food is family friendly. The Landmarc overlooking Columbus Cirlce is a foodies dream with a wonderful kids menu. Kids get a kick out of Carnegie Deli with mile high piled sandwiches. Good Luck.

          1. If you are on the UWS to go to the park or museum or whatever, you might try Pinch and Smac -- all pizza and mac n' cheese (Columbus around 83rd). But rest assured there's mac n' cheese grown up style too. You can check to check it out.