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Jul 15, 2008 06:42 AM

No Reservations-Colombia

My best friend is from Colombia and he never watches any TV having to do with food. I told him about the show and he watched it. We just got done talking about it, we were both hungry this morning, especially for the breakfast that AB had, heart attack on a plate. MMMmm chicharrones!!! Empanadas!!! Arepas!!!

He said that his favorites are the lunch that AB had right after the breakfast of cholesterol and the very final dish of stew on the roof top. He kind of got misty eyed for home, as did his wife who is an anglo from New York.

By the way, Aguardiente is a killer, I have done shots fo that and its not the most pleasant thing I have ever had. It certainly does the job though.

It seems AB is really hitting his stride with the show now.

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  1. This was one of my favs of the whole run of NR. Good balance of history, heart, local color and personality, and of course, food! It was baldly evident that Bourdain was having a blast there!

    And what a great story of a pleasant turn-around for a nation! Just plain refreshing to hear something positive especially about a country with what seems like such a vibrant populus.

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      That's one of the reasons I like this show so much. I like that it is a Travel Channel show and not a Food Network. I prefer the "while we eat real good food let's discuss the country" to the "here are the best deals/restaurants". Yes there have been some episodes where I wish he spent more time on the food, but for the most part I enjoy all the history and local colour.

      I liked the conversation he had with the one chef about how one needs to protect and know how to cook native dishes.

    2. He can't have done it right: he didn't come to my house!

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        I was half-expecting to see you on that show and thinking that you had to keep it secret from us due to legal reasons!

      2. The new season is off to a great start. I really enjoyed this episode. There were so many fruits and goodies I have never seen before and to me that's very interesting. I would enjoy a whole show just about the markets.
        The lobster on the beach was just so perfect.
        I have to admidt I thought Columbia would never be interesting but it was very cool.

        1. Having been to Colombia recently (Pereilla, Baranquillia and Cartejena, forgive ny spelling) I can attest that Mr. Bourdain hardly hit the nail on the head with his program. And I don't say this in a bad way. Colombia still has problems with racism and it shows. That's the bad part so to speak. Culinary wise there is just so much going on in Colombia it's hard to cover a 1/4 of everything in an hour. Each city I was in has its distinct cooking style. And then you start gtting into different sections and different "suburbs" of each city and it varies even more. The crazy thing is even with all the animal fat and starch and sugar cane going on it's probably some of the healthiest food you'll ever come across. I'm diabetic to the core. I did some walking and hiking, nothing close to the biking I do in NYC. I ate everything in sight (in reasonable amounts) and my blood sugar barely budged. My cholesterol level went down and I went down two pant sizes in three weeks. All meat and starch, very little greens and fruit. It's some of the best unadulterated food you will ever taste. Everything from street food to restaurants to home cooking. There's a reason why the women are beautiful down there.

          1. I too loved the Columbia episode for the local flavor & about face. Can't wait for Saudi Arabia next week. No alcohol!!!

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              Hee hee. Forgot about that. Is the Saudi Arabia episode the one that drives AB over the edge?