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Jul 15, 2008 06:10 AM

Martha's Vineyard Anniversary Dinner

Husband and I are headed to Martha's Vineyard for our first anniversary. We're looking for a pretty nice place to go for our anniversary dinner, but we're on a budget an would like not to spend more than mid-20's for an entree. Any ideas??

We'll be staying in Edgartown, but I understand that travel to neighboring towns by public transportation is easy.

Any other recs for 'can't miss' lunch or breakfast places would not be frowned upon either :)


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  1. Try Among the Flowers on Mayhew Street near the harbor. They have a nice patio for dining and a great location. Keeping it around mid $20's is tough in Edgartown, and I think this is your best bet.

    1. That is a really tough price point for the Vineyard, especially for an anniversary dinner to celebrate your year together.

      You might want to consider a picnic, getting some yummy treats from Larsen's in Vineyard Haven or even heading out to Menemsha where you can get some steamers, fried clams and other treats to eat outdoors as the sun goes down. Bring your own champagne. It's a long haul out there without a car, though.

      Since you are staying in Edgartown, you could try the same idea and picnic over by the Edgartown lighthouse which you can walk to. Very pretty beach. You'll be able to watch the boats and the birds- it's a really lovely spot. Save money by packing your own yummy picnic. (Morning Glory Farm or the Farmer's Market in West Tisbury, along with the local fish markets, will keep you happy.) Bring some wine or champagne with you from off island as it will be cheaper than buying it on the Vineyard. Add a few little candles, a book of poetry and a camera and you'll be all set!

      In Edgartown, there are a couple of places with decent prices for the Vineyard but none of them have a lot of charm. They are great for some fun times, if you ignore the quality of the food! Sharky's, The Wharf or The Newes might work for you in terms of price, but again, not necessarily the environment or the food. Romantic is not a word I would apply to any of them if that is the ambiance you are looking for.

      A really nice romantic environment in Edgartown is the garden at Espresso Love which is just delightful and is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Last week, a friend and I met there and had a glass of wine and split an appetizer. (You can't just drink there- you have to eat. But splitting an appetizer works and you can sit there as long as you like.) The prices here are not great, but you can check it out as it is right in downtown Edgartown and they post the menu right outside the door. And Among the Flowers is a great idea, too.

      Best sandwiches are at Humphrey's. They are famous. There is a Humphrey's in Edgartown. Try the oatmeal bread. My family likes the Tree Hugger, the Cuban and the Thanksgiving sandwich with lots of stuffing and cranberry sauce.

      The public transportation system is fabulous. Everyone is using it this summer. It's packed. Super easy when you are in Edgartown. But if you want to go out to Menemsha or Aquinnah, plan ahead, as that is a long way and involves some transfers.

      The best breakfast on the island is the Art Cliff Diner but it is in Vineyard Haven. You can always try that next time.

      Have fun and congratulations, too.

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        As a follow up- if you like pasta and Italian food, Lattanzi's in Edgartown might work for you. It's a lovely spot with really fresh food. I have been there for many special occasions over the years and would not hesitate to go there for an anniversary. Their menu is on line so you can check the prices. It would be at the higher end of the price scale compared to the others I mentioned, but it's a lot nicer on every level. Ask for the room in front that is like a library.

        There are many nice places to eat on the Vineyard but most of them are pricey and the ones that are not tend to be chaotic and unappealing, especially on weekends.

      2. I was in MV over the 4th of July weekend and had a truly memorable experience at Atria in Edgartown. It is a bit pricier than what you're looking for, but I can promise it won't disappoint. My boyfriend and I ordered a bunch of apps to share, which kept costs down and satisfied us both. The beef carpacio and ahi tempura salad were both wonderful, large portions and we chased it with truffle fries. Weird combo, I know, but we were dying to try them and they were so worth it. Watch out for the wine list though. I ordered without looking at the menu - I spent $22 on one glass of wine and while it was some of the best I'd ever had - Cakebread Chardonnay - it was ridiculously expensive!

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          I was at Atria this weekend and can attest to the wine prices. Sounds like I got a bargain as my glass of wine was only $17. Like you, I did not look at the menu. Next time, I will. I like Atria but it is very, very expensive. My favorite part is the bar downstairs. where they play jazz music and there is a very cozy, warm feel.