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Jul 15, 2008 05:43 AM

stir frying tofu & how to season my wok

I recently picked up a wok cheap on craigslist. It seems to have sort of coating on it, but certainly isn;t nonstick. It has wooden handles which do not appear easily detachable. Whenever I try to cook tofu, I loose the gorgeous crustiness to the bottom of the pan. Any advise?

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  1. We've moved this thread to the Cookware board since it seems mostly about how to season the wok. For tips on stir frying tofu, please post a separate thread on the Home Cooking board. Thanks!

    1. Most recipes I have seen say to fry or deep fry the tofu first (if you want that delicious golden-brown crust). I always fry at medium heat in a non-stick skillet, and it also works well in cast-iron. I fry a bunch of it at once and then use it over the next few days in different things.

      As for your wok, there are many, many pages out there on google about how to identify what type of wok you have, and how to season it if it needs it.

      1. It may help to be sure and press excess water from the tofu and pat dry the surface before it contacts the heat for browning, if you're not already doing so.