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Sunday night bite

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We are driving down from Maine to New York on Sunday night & want to stop for Dinner around 6 or 7 PM. Any suggestions not to far off the highways for a good quick bite?

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  1. What time are you taking off? Where do you anticipate being at dinnertime? Lots of choices in Providence. If that works for you....what are you looking for? Inexpensive? A certain type of food?

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      We are leaving Maine, going South, about 5:00 PM & want to stop around 7 or 8, we will be in MA or N. CT around 7 or 8. We are looking for good, but quick & not too far off the major highways.

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        you don't stay on 95 then? You take MA Pike to 84? Sorry, no suggestions...not very familiar w/the area and I think it's something of a dead zone. You might want to do a board search for Sturbridge.

    2. Since we don't know where you're starting from or where 6 or 7 pm will land you, it's hard to recommend a place. :)

      1. once thru the toll off Mass Pike onto I-84, take Route 20 west into Sturbridge. Number of places on 20, just minutes from highway