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Jul 15, 2008 05:37 AM

From Maine to New York--dinner?

We are driving down from Maine to New York on Sunday night & want to stop for Dinner around 6 or 7 PM. Any suggestions not to far off the highways for a good quick bite?

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  1. As you gave no direction of travel and what routes you are planning on taking and from where in Maine you are starting out from, it makes it hard to suggest any place for you to stop. Give more details in a new post And I'm sure you will find many helping hands with suggestions. Earle

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      We are leaving Bridgton, Maine about 5 PM & driving South to NY. We should be going through MA & be in N. CT around 7:30 or 8:00 PM. So if there is any suggestions because it is on a Sunday night and we are looking for a good, but quick bite off a major highway, either 95, 84, 90, 91, etc. Please share. The idea is quic &,good so we can get back to NYC before 11:00 PM.

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        Micah visiting day? Can you wait to get to New Haven for Pizza? We drove back last year and hit Modern, it was late but they were open and we got a table right away. You could also grab a meal at Naples Lobster Pound, they are right on 302 and as they open at 5 you will probably be seated quickly.Although I am more a fan of the whole bellyclams then ther lobster at Naples, it would appear as though I am in the minority in that opinion.

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          Blue Ribbon BBQ ( is right off 90 in Newton. It is near the interchange of 95 and 90, so your best bet would be to take exit 21A off of 95, for route 16. It's about 2 miles from exit 21A, right on route 16. It's then only about 100 yards from Blue Ribbon to 90. You should be able to get there before they close at 8, and they won't rush you out if you get there just before close.

      2. if you make it to Hartford and want steak, Max's Downtown. back on the road by 9:45pm,