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Jul 15, 2008 03:26 AM

Cafe 100 (market place) Asheville

We tried out this out this weekend. Interesting concept - "food from within 100 miles of Asheville". This really resonates w/ the locally grown movement in this area. They have tasting plates of things like cheese, bar food (like pickles, boiled peanuts), cured meats and then entree sized plates. We decided to get a "share" portion of the cheese plate and bar food which give you a little of everything. You can see the list on their website at
The pimento cheese was wonderful, my husband who normally hates the stuff made sure he got the last bit to spread on his flatbread. The flatbread, drizzled w/ olive oil and herbs needed some salt ... I liked the idea of the boiled peanuts and the pickled vegetables. The cheese plate was plentiful and flavorful w/ local cheeses like Spinning Spider Creamery. It was a great sort of tapas experience. We had some great mixed drinks with interesting combinations, I particularly liked my spicy cilantro cocktail, though they had good prices on wine. I think w/ the 2 sharing plates and the 2 cocktails it was close to $40 (not including tip).

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  1. I've eaten there twice. The first meal was not so great, the second was really good. I love the boiled peanuts and especially that the wait staff called them "southern edamame". We had all kinds of things off the meat and cheese menu and everything was good. The major disappointment with our first trip may have been because we were the last customers of the evening and the chef was trying to get out, but, we ordered entrees and my steak (which i order medium) came out RAW, not rare, but raw inside. My fiancee's entree was pork belly and he was disappointed with the cooking technique, the outside was spongey, not crispy as he'd expected. Our second trip, however, the entrees were perfect. I'm pretty fond of this place, and would definately go back.

    1. sounds interesting. how do the portions stack up against, say, zambra's or 28806's small plates?

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          Yes, it is Bar 100. We went not too long after they first started doing it, and enjoyed it. There are different sections of the menu, and the portion sizes vary...we had two smaller plates and two bigger (but still smaller than entree-sized) plates for two of us, and there was plenty of food. Pretty reasonably priced too, with a bottle of wine.

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            Sorry, you're right (Bar 100) my bad. i think the sharing portions were pretty ample about 2 small plates worth at Zambras or 28806.