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Jul 14, 2008 11:26 PM

From Portland to Albany...

Hi there,

I'm flying into Portland and will drive to Albany for a conference...5 nights in Albany, and then back to Portland.

Interested in any interesting chow along the way, and of course for all those meals in Albany. I will probably have time for 1 interesting lunch in Portland before heading to the airport to fly home.

All help is appreciated! Looking for mostly budget places, all ethnicities welcome! One "splurge" meal ($25 for 1 person) would be OK.


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  1. If you like Pizza, Abby's pizza is very good. For lunches Loafers Bread and Bistro on Washington st is good. Also Love love Teriyaki near the mall is good for lunches. Corvalis is just over the bridge from Albany and Senor Sams Mexican grill is not expensive and the Buritos are huge.

    1. Don't miss Novak's Hungarian in Albany, wonderful food, reasonably priced.