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Jul 14, 2008 10:30 PM

Boise restaurants dropping like flies

I heard a story on the local cradio segment this morning suggesting Boise follow other cities that are banning chain restaurants all together downtown. I'm not sure I agree with that, but I can't believe we're being forced to say goodbye to these classics.

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  1. The way things are going, downtown will be nearly nothing but chains soon anyway. Bonefish opened up, and now we're getting that chain BBQ place and one other chain (these names escape me since I had never really heard of them). With the restaurant scene going down the toilet right now, I can't imagine any ban having much support for fear of messing up downtown's economy (though ideally I would love to see a ban like that enacted when things are better).

    Though depressing, Andrae's closing didn't really shock me given its steep pricing. And it was funny how Mortimer's folded like a wet noodle very soon after that harsh review in the Statesman. Not worried about TableRock's bankruptcy after reading the article (I'd only go there for the beer anyway-- the consensus on their food there seems fairly negative).

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    1. re: nakni

      I think it is so funny how Andrae's had a reputation for being expensive, even though they are the only restaurant in Boise trying to use all local. The pricing there is nowhere near as expensive as Barbacoa or Chandlers, Gamekeeper etc, At least you know what your eating and not some garbage unloaded off the back of a Sysco truck. I am glad they are closing so Boise can be left in the hands of the chains and maybe someday they will understand how truly great they had it with Andrae's. Have fun eating your all you can eat riblets at Applebee's!

      1. re: foodman1

        Cheers to you for holding Boiseans accountable for their uninspired dining decisions! Unfortunately for the rest of us, our own choices will soon be limted to all-you-cat buffets as well. I am so disappointed at the loss of Andrae's, Milky Way and Mortimer's I could just cry ...and rememember Tapa Estrella and Mosaic? I know striving to stick to local ingredients is important to Jon at Franco Latino and Jared at SixOneSix too -- I'll be steering most of my dining out dollars in their direction from now on.

        1. re: almostsarah

          Add Berryhill to the list (one of my favorites since moving to Boise), and after that Bardenay, WillowCreek too.

          1. re: enbell

            Yes - Willowcreek! I'm there at least once a week. Casual atmosphere, great food and a pretty decent wine list. How could I have forgotten it?

    2. Add A Taste of Memphis to the downtown carnage. A sign on their door said they're moving their business to another state.

      1. So the tally for 2008 as far as I know (and I'm including upscale and/or downtown):

        Milky Way
        City Grill
        A Taste of Memphis
        Franco Latino
        Satchel's Grill
        8th St. Wine Co.
        Tacabi (Koi)

        And Gino's Grill relocating to Meridian

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        1. re: nakni

          WOW! That is a devastating list. In their place are chains to make matters worse. Are there any other on the bubble who really need our business?

          1. re: enbell

            I don't have any insider info or anything and just go by what I read in the Weekly and the Statesman. I'm guessing that long-standing restaurants that attract an older and regular clientele (and I'm thinking old standbys like the Stagecoach) can make it OK. Maybe just support the ones that you know buy local stuff, like the restaurants that use Snake River Farms for their meat (they have a list on their website).