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Jul 14, 2008 10:21 PM

Anyone know a good Taco Bar/Catering Service Diamond Bar, North Orange CO

We're throwing a "fiesta" for daughters' 21st & 18th BDays. We've been to a couple of parties that have wonderful Taco Bars set up. but they seem to not want to travel "way out east"! Anyone know of someone?

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  1. Gonzalez Catering (323)5691785 I used them for a taco bar party for 100 pp in Garden Grove. They cook everything on sight and bring all of the sides and condiments. I am not sure as to the smallest party they will cater to but I am sure they will go to DB or North OC.

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        1. I dont know if Taco Maria still does catering but if they are available I would strongly recommend them. They used to have a truck and catered but recently opened up a brick and mortar operation.

          Soho Taco does a great job. They are a more refined version of a taco cart but excellent tacos, salsas and condiments.

          Both of these options will be on the pricier side compared to a more rustic version of a taco cart where somebody sets up a flat iron grill and cooks meat.

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            Taco Maria no longer has a truck. It was sold. They are a restaurant only.

            I concur on Soho Taco, and would also suggest Alebrije's, which is the bright pink taco truck on Cubbon St. and Main St., outside the Northgate market. That truck parks there permanently, but they have other vehicles that can travel. The owner's name is Albert Hernandez, there's no language barrier, and the tacos are very good.

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