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help winnipeg

howlin Jul 14, 2008 10:10 PM

im in winnipeg as we speak(or as i write )im being eaten by moskits and ticks(lyme disease here i come).will be visiting the forks and north end tommorrow.please give me recs before its to late,i feel like im slipping away now,is that a tick on my leg....

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    easily amused Jul 15, 2008 05:16 AM

    Not too sure where you have been lurking... Folk Festival field and forest. This has been a good year with hardly any mosquitos. Perhaps one can direct you to the nearest Walmart for some bug product.
    I think.... you where also asking for recs for food locales ?
    Agree with Prasantrin, request was vague.
    Forget the Forks. Not sure what type of cuisine you are looking for. You of course can find it all in YWG.Nothing is farther than 20 mins in any direction.

    Great Chinese: Sun Fortune on South Pembina....Unbelievable
    Shrimp Wonton soup
    Fortune Cooking on St. James in the "Brick" mall. Almost anything on the menu. Noted for Huge Almond Shrimp

    Pizza: Best in town for thin crust "Pizzaland" One location on North Main (Which I guess you could qualify Northend! Other location Portage West Great thin crust Pizza. Try the "Susie's special

    Italian: Belissimo on Waverley, Also serve Lunch. Fabulous Pasta dishes. Pesce Asiago is a favorite seafood dish in a garlic cream sauce.
    Fusion Grill on Academy is also another favorite. Very popular. Be sure to pick-up some pastry from "Kohler" Bakery just up the street. They also have a tiny eat-in area for sandwiches and such...all fresh breads.
    "Alycia's" in the Northend is overated IMHO However people still seem to flock there for their Eastern European "fix".

    Enjoy the city with so much to offer for everyone!

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    1. re: easily amused
      howlin Jul 15, 2008 06:57 PM

      it must be this st francis xavier slough water mostics that im finding.i was in the north end today,actually 4 houses down from alyssias but got too busy visiting with relations to go in ,mabye tommorow,picked up some smoked goldeye and crawfish meat at the gimley fish market,hope its good ,have not tried it yet but it looks good,sigh mabye tommorrow.thanx for the recs yall.too bad about the forks thou,might head down just to draw my own conclusions.

      1. re: howlin
        howlin Jul 15, 2008 10:23 PM

        could not wait,had the goldeye ,not bad ,but having not had it before i dont know what really good is.i know i can do better in my own smoker ,but i like to see what others can do .as for a vague request ,i was desperate and up for anything .by the way ,walmart in portage is awesome ,feel much better now.

        1. re: howlin
          howlin Jul 16, 2008 06:44 PM

          just got back from sightseeing and eating ,yup the forks are toe up ,way overpriced with nothing there,(i miss granville alreadry)..see i should have listend to you guys

        2. re: howlin
          sarah galvin Jul 22, 2008 01:20 PM

          I have been buying smoked goldeye from Boyd's in Calgary. It is out of this world! I have simply mixed it with dijon mustard, capers and lemon juice for a nice crackers 'go with'. You could also blend with some of that wonderful cream cheese, capers, red onions and garnish with lemon wedges. I would be surprised if you can do better in your own smoker!

          1. re: sarah galvin
            howlin Jul 22, 2008 09:08 PM

            ahh a home town link ,perfect .am heading home today ,with a stop over in moose jaw,anyone know moose jaw.....thats what i thought..picked up some smoked silver bass and tullilibee,and of course some winipeg old country ham links. best in the north end.

            1. re: howlin
              sarah galvin Aug 3, 2008 07:01 PM

              Of course I know Moose Jaw! What is tullilibee? And smoked silver bass? From the prairies? I'll have to check out those ham links.

              1. re: sarah galvin
                howlin Aug 4, 2008 03:04 PM

                silver bass and tullibee are fish ,i got them smoked at the gimley fish market in the north end,tastes like goldeye but bonier,hope that helps.

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        prasantrin Jul 15, 2008 04:17 AM

        I've been in YWG for a week, and haven't had a single mosquito bite.

        There's nothing at the Forks worth sneezing at, except the baked goods at Tall Grass Prairie. If they have savoury bread pudding, give it a try. It's really quite good (they're famous for their whole wheat cinnamon buns, but those are only good when they're fresh).

        Near the Forks you can try Amici's or it's sister Bombolini (more casual, cheaper), or if you walk up towards downtown, there's always Tre Visi (still well-regarded, but I had a crappy lunch there last year) and a number of other restaurants.

        Hard to give you recs when you don't give any guildelines (unless you count complaints as guidelines).

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