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Jul 14, 2008 09:50 PM

Bastille Day at the Foundry on Melrose

I am slightly ashamed to complain, but I am going to anyway because I don't begrudge a dime I spent at the benefit tonight. But where was my food? I got a drink, i got in some high quality people watching, and I enjoyed myself immensely. But there was no food. (OK. I had a toast point with a really nice creamed spinach and a hush puppy with lavendar mustard). But I didn't get supper. The cocktails were masterful, and we stayed for about 90 minutes before heading out to The Village Idiot for supper. Maybe there was supper served after we left, but a girl's gotta get some sleep on a Monday night.

Great and worth cause, though. Thanks to Eric Greenspan for hosting and to the stellar bartenders for mixing.

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  1. Thanks for the report! I wanted to go, but was afraid it would be really crowded, and I didn't know if you had to make a reservation or what. WAS it crowded?

    Definitely a worthy cause.

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    1. re: avivale

      yes, it was very crowded. lots of high quality people watching, good music that got progressively louder and beautiful cocktails. no reservations, first come, first served, cash only at the door. great cause, friendly people.

    2. Well I don't mind complaining as you can see from my previous posts. But it's hard to work up any outrage on this. Everyone was very mellow and the bartenders put quite a bit of elbow grease into shaking up the cocktails. We got that sinking feeling after the spinach crab appetizer came by for the sixth time and a very hungry looking crowd was gathered around the kitchen exit so we hightailed it out to the Village Idiot for some mundane pub food. I think we saw you walk in right after us:)

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      1. re: CharlotteMichele

        we ate at the village idiot too!!!! but my food was anything but mundane. i ate the mussels and they were PERFECT!

        1. re: lotta_cox

          I had the mussels also, and the Fish and Chips. It wasn't a great culinary event like I was expecting from the Foundry. But the ESB on draft was great!

      2. there were some sandwiches, but yeah, the food was not the center of the evening. I do know that that raised some serious cash, and that ROCKS!

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        1. re: Havesom00

          this is true, and i am really happy to send someone money who is truly in need. i worked in the food service industry for years with no insurance.