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Jul 14, 2008 09:45 PM

Kosher 5th floor

I've returned to Chicago after many, many years. Long ago I used to lunch at a kosher dairy restaurant located in a building on State Street. I remember it as being on the 5th floor, but I'm not sure. I do remeber great soups etc Does anyone know or remember such a place?

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  1. Don't recall any Kosher on State Street (must have been very long ago). The Mallers building (diamond mart) on Wabash used to have Kosher food. The only downtwn Kosher I know of now is at Spertus (Wolfgang Puck restaurant) and the MetroKlub on Madison and Halsted.

    1. The Jewellers Club I believe is what you are recalling - 5th in the Jewlers Building on Wabash - and you are right excellent soupd and a decent steak - as the other poster indicated we now have two options downtown - Spertus Cafe and MetroKlub

      733 W Madison St, Chicago, IL 60661

      Spertus Cafe
      610 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL

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        Just so you know Spertus Cafe is mediocre at best and downright awful if you consider the price. If you gotta keep Kosher I would look elsewhere.

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          I have eaten there a couple of times and have lways enjoyed what I ate there - definitely not a formal business lunch venue but still a nice option in the loop for a kosher lunch-