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Jul 14, 2008 08:59 PM

Ted Turner's Montana Grill

So, there we were my buddy and I standing on the corner of Broad and Locust trying to decide where to eat. Varalli's? Pretty good food but too pricey for us. Fado's? Too noisy. Good Dog? Best cheeseburger I've ever eaten, but way too noisy for two old guys. So, having never been there, we went to Montana Grill. Our waitress was adorable. Could have adopted her. She told us how everything was fresh. Only food in the freezer was ice cream. They did not serve rice in a bag, etc. We each ordered a house salad and a dinner entree. The house salad was served and right behind it was our main course!! Whoa nelly..that was fast! I had a wonderful sounding 1/2 roasted chicken. Turns out they were cooking this chicken since four days ago, it was so dry and bland. They probably started cooking the broccoli at the same time and been salting it for that long!! The garlic mashed potatoes were fine and the house salad was delicious. Believe me you could get better food at the Oregon Diner and certainly juicier chicken at DiBrunos. It has been years since I have been in a place that overcooked broccoli. My handsome dining partner had bison meat loaf. I did not try it, but he said it was very dry.
We knew better then to eat here especially on opening night for PARC Bistro.
Stick with Little Petes.

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  1. Our last (and only) meal at Ted's about five years ago was just as nasty. At least you didn't try grandma's famous squash, that seemed to have been cooking as long as she was alive.

      1. It's a cursed location. Remember Avenue B?

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          No. The one in Warrington is just awful.

        2. We found that this is a good place to go for a hamburger when you are attending a performance at the Kimmel Center or one of the neighboring theaters.
          It is not a dining destination.
          You will get pleasant service, a good beer or wine or whatever, and a decent hamburger. And you will be in and out in time for your show.
          I have also had their filet, which is small but plenty big enough for me, and it is under $20. Not bad at all - better than some I have had at fancy steak houses.
          There is a reason why it is always busy. It serves an important purpose.
          When you go to as many concerts at the Kimmel as we do, you need some places in the neighborhood that are quick, reliable, pleasant and inexpensive. There aren't many.

          Now if you ask about places near the Kimmel that are for dining with friends before the concert, that's a different story!

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          1. re: sylviag

            If you want a burger near the Kimmel, head to the Good Dog.

            1. re: Buckethead

              We were at Good Dog once, and the hamburger was marvelous.
              But I'll be frank. We are seniors. We like it comfortable and moderately quiet. Everyone at Good Dog was the age of my grandchildren.
              There's nothing wrong with that, but at this age and stage we like our creature comforts.
              Another quiet and comfortable place near Kimmel, which also gets us out in good time, is Shiroi Hana. Mixed ages, but it doesn't matter there. And it's always calm.
              We haven't been to Good Dog for a few years, so it's probably better now that there's no smoking. That was something else that made it difficult for us.

            2. re: sylviag

              Wow...glad someone got a good burger at Ted's. Ours was overcooked :( I think the reason they stay in business is location.

              1. re: bluehensfan

                The one thing I like about ted's are the pickles.

                Also, does anyone else think that their exhaust system makes the north side of spruce street stink? My wife and I have to cross the street to avoid getting blasted.

                1. re: robot

                  I had the unfortunate experience of working their for a few weeks and the am well aware of the smell you speak of. It is their plank salmon that you smell. The broiler they use is right by the door on the north side of spruce