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Jul 14, 2008 08:52 PM

ISO Sweet or savory sandwich cookie ideas

Tonight I made a batch of chocolate sandwich cookies with a cream-cheese frosting for a filling. My kids were over the moon since oreos aren't something we stock in the pantry and these cookies were a pretty good knockoff(didn't really taste the cream cheese in the filling) but to me - and maybe anyone over say 20, they were pretty sweet. Anyone have other filling ideas?

Oh and I was also thinking I could do a reverse oreo next time with the ganache and a vanilla cookie... The cookies are perfect for sandwiching and the dough is forgiving in terms of re-rolling scraps but I'm not sure how to subtract the cocoa from the recipe to turn them into a blondie..ideas?

We're travelling soon (three kids 6, 3&1/2 and 2) and I'd love other sweet or savory sandwich cookie/cracker ideas for road snacks - like Ritz Bits for instance but without the chemical soup.

Any ideas or recipes you'd care to share would be very much appreciated! Thanks in advance :)

and thanks for reading this far...I'm all over the place tonight(sugar high heh)...apparently I sampled a few too many of the cookies '-)

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    1. re: Antilope

      one of my best friends growing up was peruvian, and we used to *love* when her mom made alfajores.

      White Chocolate Raspberry Shortbread sammies
      bake shortbread cookies. reduce some raspberry preserves over heat, then dip the tops of shortbread cookies in raspberry reduction; allow the cookies to absorb the sauce. then melt some white choclate chips and top half of the shortbread cookies with a dollop or two of the chocolate, then form sandwiches with the other half of the cookies. allow to cool and set up.

    2. Is PB&J too easy/ obvious?

      1. Hey, maplesugar! I will gladly post recipes for fillings for whoopie pies and a mint variation if you want. Just use a good buttery cut-out recipe for the reverse oreo.

        But, seriously, are you crazy gone mad! Road trip with sugar-buzzed babies!?

        As an alternative to Ritz Bits, how about little pretzel sticks and individual cups of peanut butter and an apple sliced up among the three for dipping. If you must, a couple of mini M&M's (from the baking aisle) in the PB cup for them to chase around with their apple slices.

        Trail mix or granola with craisins and/or dried cherries, whatever nuts and seeds they'll eat, mixed at home, by them perhaps, in individual bags for each kid.

        Yoghurt or string cheese or little fruit cups that they helped put together in a cooler.

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        1. re: nemo

          Hi nemo,

          Heh not totally mad...well....maybe a bit mad for taking three kids six and under on a plane then car trip hehehe. I was looking for recipes to add to my collection and a ritz bit recipe for the road trip with the kids. Every time we stop for gas they are suddenly "huuunnngryyyy" and rather than pay $$ for a tiny pack of ritz bitz I was hoping to make my own version. Thanks for the trail mix suggestions, that's something non-perishable I can personalize for each of them - their preferences are so different it's hard to believe they're related ;)

        2. I tore out a Cooking Light recipe I have yet to make which was carrot cake cookies sandwiches with cream cheese icing in the middle....sounds wonderful to me!

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          1. re: wellfedred

            That does sound good! Thanks wellfedred :)

          2. I just made these chocolate sandwich cookies with goat cheese and fig jam and they're really good!


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            1. re: meta

              Thanks meta there's an abundance of figs in the market right now yum! I added the blog to my list :)