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Jul 14, 2008 08:45 PM

Help me check off my must-see/must-do restaurant list!

Well, let me start off with saying that I'm not sure if this is an appropriate post on the Chowhound boards. If it's not, I'm okay with it being deleted (or will have to be haha).

Basically, I have a month and a half left in Boston and am looking to try as many restaurants as possible. I have a loooong list of places to go but a short list of people to go with. I can only drag my few friends here out so many times! I guess what I am trying to say is that I'm looking to see if there are any chowhounders out there who are willing to help me check off my list (or add new ones to it!). I'm up for trying anything whether it's breakfast, lunch, dinner, tapas, apps, drinks or dessert as long as it's good (or at least good fun!). Maybe we could start a night out once a week where whoever is interested in the said restaurant can show up???

Again, if this is not an appropriate post I completely understand... thought it was worth a shot!

After lots of research, here is my list... and please try your hardest not to laugh. I know it's ambitious but what can I say, my eyes have always been bigger than my stomach : )

o Hungry Mother
o L'Espalier
o Brookline Spa
o Ten Tables
o Flour (lunch)
o No. 9 Park
o Antico Forno
o Mamma Maria's
o Trattoria Toscana
o Santarpios
o Taranta
o Prezza
o Pizzeria Regina
o Fun Food Snackery
o Angela's Cafe
o Anna's Taqueria
o Ortanique
o Oleana Restaurant
o The Helmand
o Muqueca
o Punjab Palace
o Floating Rock
o Atasca
o Dok Bua
o Guru the Caterer
o Tremont 647
o The Dish
o Giacomo's
o Grotto
o Tangierino Lounge & Hookah Bar
o Finale
o Fugakyu
o Dali Restaurant & Tapas Bar
o Top of the Hub (for a drink)
o Pho Republique
o The Clam Box (fried clams)
o Bob Lobster
o Murphy's - Fish and Chips
o Locke Ober (for a drink at the bar)
o Oak Room (for lunch)
o Eastern Standard (for drinks)
o Gran Gusto (pizza margherita)
o Chez Henri (cubano)
o River Gods
o Publik House

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  1. I did laugh. That's a long list, but I hope you make it to every single place.

    "Maybe we could start a night out once a week where whoever is interested in the said restaurant can show up???"

    I think that's a great idea. I don't have enough friends able or willing to take on the expense or calories of trying a new place every week either.

    I'd cross off:

    Antico Forno: bland food, brusque service
    Finale: all style no substance. Try Burdick's instead.
    River Gods: very limited menu and not great food. I'd go for a drink and to soak in the funky atmosphere before Oleana or Hungry Mother.
    Taranta: bland caprese, gummy gnocchi. Nothing about it calls me back for a 2nd try.

    I assume you're a cheese fan, so you shouldn't miss the grilled cheese at Eastern Standard as long as you'll be there cocktailing. And don't miss Mamma Maria, Prezza, or Regina's.

    Your post is perfectly appropriate. There have been similar ones as I recall, and I'm sure plenty of folks would love to tell you where to go and where not to.

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    1. re: pollystyrene

      Re: River Gods...I would definitely leave it on the list. I have enjoyed what Luke Park has been doing there after many repeat visits over the years. Love the Korean handroll....and fries. :D

    2. I also got a chuckle out of your posting, but I would have eliminated half of them easily. I'm out every night of the week, almost, and you never mentioned the places I go the most like the Union Bar & Grille, Pops and Banc in the So.End. I love Teatro and Pigalle downtown and in Cambridge, Rendevezour and Upstairs at the Square are bothl great. I wasn't sure if you were looking for someone to join in on your quest for the ultimate belt buster, or was looking for more imput. Brookline has lots more to offer than the few places on your list. It was a fun post to read.

      1. Intriguing! But for goodness sakes delete Anna's Taqueria from that list. It belongs no where near some of those other restaurants. Having said that, where are you moving to? You could use that as a guide as to what to keep/delete on your list. If you're moving to Texas or Phoenix or Cali, for example, you could eliminate Angela's from that long list--the Mexican you can get in your new home will be far better (though Angela's is certainly good. You must get the guac.)

        1. I would cross off:

          1. Finale
          2. Giacomo's
          3. Fugakyu

          The quality at all three are nothing to write home can find better things elsewhere...

          1. Ortanique has closed. I would keep Antico Forno & Taranta on your list - I've had nothing but good experiences at both w/a DC and w/groups. I, too, would scratch Anna's & Finale. If you want hounds to join you, you'll need to give us an email address in your profile to reach you offline to make arrangements.