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Jul 14, 2008 08:22 PM

Need Delivery Ideas for Mt Prospect 60056

My mother-in-law is visiting her cousin in Mt Prospect this week and my partner
and I would like to have a dinner delivered to them on her birthday, 7/16.

We would like something nice, no pizza, chinese, etc. Is there a gourmet
service that delivers to that area?

Sorry to sound so vague, but we're in Los Angeles and nave absolutely no idea
what is offered in that area.

Thank you so much

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  1. A good bet for you is Take Out Taxi

    They deliver from about 40 different restaurants, ranging from casual, to upscale. All the menus are on the website

    1. Would they be willing to go out to dinner? I would recommend Flamingo's Seafood in Mount Prospect and perhaps you can work something out with the owners and have the bill paid by you (by giving them your credit card # in advance).

      This is a wonderful place, great food, recently reviewed by "Check Please" and gets really good reviews here as well.