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Jul 14, 2008 07:08 PM

Where can I buy frozen empanadas?

I have seen information about empanada dough but not the empanadas themselves...and I need ultra-convenient, but still tasty...if that's possible. Couldn't find any in Trader Joes. Anyone know of a store and/or brand? Thanks!

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  1. I have seen them at Capone's in North Cambridge but haven't tried them myself....

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    1. re: poptart

      The Capone's empanadas are fantastic argentine style. Highly recommended. You can also find empadao (brazilian style) in the shops around union square in somerville, so if you hit the Union location of Capone's you can do both in one stop.

      1. re: wilbanks

        They are fantastic. More expensive than Goya but much higher quality. I think there are also two types of dessert empanandas: dulce de leche and strawberry.

    2. Capones in Union Square or North Cambridge. I like them so much, I am learning to make them at home.

      1. Try the Hi-Lo grocery in JP on Centre St.

        1. My local Market Basket carries Goya Empanadas in the freezer section. Not sure if Shaw's does - probably depends on location. And I am unsure of the quality since I have never tried them.

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